More Than 150 Killed in Texas County by Suspects out on Bond — for PREVIOUS Capital Murder Charges

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I can only imagine the pain and suffering endured by people who have lost loved ones to violent crime. But I can totally imagine the anger when loved ones are murdered by suspects out on bond for previous murder charges. That is exactly what is happening in Harris County, Texas, where Houston is located.


As reported by Fox 26 in Houston, no fewer than 113 defendants charged with capital murder have been inexplicably granted bond and released back onto city streets pending trial.

WHY? Because “racism,” if not.

Look, out-of-control political correctness and the whole Black Lives Matter canard is one thing; the murder of innocent people by thugs out on bail on previous capital murder charges is as obscene as it is insane and it must be stopped.

Moreover, according to Fox 26, more than 50,000 accused felons in Harris County have benefited from the “catch and release” philosophy of left-wing driven “criminal justice” perpetrated by the current crop of democratic “reform” judges. (Kamala “Cashless Bail” Harris was unavailable for comment.)

According to Crime Stoppers Houston, 155 people have lost their lives as a direct result of this inexcusable madness.

Houston’s KHOU-11 found the same trend while looking at “407 capital murder charges filed in Harris County between September 2016 and September 2021.” They discovered that “records show 113 or 28 percent” of those suspects were released on bond. Of those out on the street, 30 — 27 percent — got arrested for another crime.


Houston Police Sergeant Larry Gibson expressed concern over the bond release, transcribed by KHOU:

It’s very concerning, it’s concerning for everybody involved […] Guys out on capital murder bonds, they just don’t have the fear.  So they’re like, ‘I’m out on this. If I get caught, well, I’m already on bond for murder, what do I have to lose?’

It’s more than that.

What is Democrat-controlled society saying to violent criminals? “Hey, bud — that was a bad thing you did, but we’re gonna let you go because it wasn’t really that bad, so don’t do it again, okay?” Hell, it doesn’t even take a noted law enforcement expert like LeBron James to understand the recidivism of violent criminals.

Meanwhile, the Democrat Party does more than just turn a blind eye to the real pandemic of violent crime sweeping America: Democrat lawmakers all but champion violent criminals (see: “peaceful protesters), and play stoopid about the “root causes.”

As RedState reported in September, the left’s attempt to hide its part in the 2020 violent crime surge in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death was destroyed by a study that found “collusion” between a Democrat activist group and the lapdog liberal media.

And on a “humorous” note, as we reported earlier this month, the intrepid House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who claims San Francisco as her home, pretended to be clueless about the causes behind violent crime sprees, including “smash and grab” looting in her hometown.


So how bad is it? As I reported in early December, a dozen U.S. cities eclipsed their annual murders before the final month of the year began. All 12 cities have one glaring thing in common: Every one of them is run by Democrats. 

Speaking of which, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot in June went ballistic (and lied her face off) when questioned by a reporter about the Windy City’s staggering murder rate.

And the band plays on.


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