Merry Christmas, Biden-Style! DOJ Announces $110 Million Giveaway to Current and Former Prisoners

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You know ’em when you see ’em. Open borders. Killing oil pipelines. Mad dashes from Afghanistan. Massive, socialist wealth redistribution plans. Lying when his lips are moving. And now, handing out 110 million taxpayer dollars to “currently and formerly incarcerated individuals.” What on earth for, you ask?


Because when you’re Joe Biden, that’s the kind of stuff you do.

The Department of Justice’s Office of Justice Programs (OJP) on Wednesday announced “awards” totaling more than $110.7 million to “reduce recidivism and support adults and youth returning to their communities after confinement.”

“We must help them reunite with their families, find a place to live, obtain health care services,” and stuff, said OJP.

As reported by Breaking 911, OJP’s Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), National Institute of Justice (NIJ), and Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) are “awarding grants to jurisdictions, non-profit organizations, research institutions, and other agencies in support of evidence-based approaches to reintegrate formerly incarcerated individuals into communities.”

No word on how much money the Biden Justice Department is “awarding” to individuals and families forever affected by violent crimes committed by any of the “award recipients.”

Here’s Associate Attorney General Vanita Gupta, as transcribed by Breaking 911:


We are committed to ensuring that formerly incarcerated individuals get the treatment, training, and support they need after returning to their communities.

We must help them reunite with their families, find a place to live, obtain health care services and behavioral health support, get an education and enter the workforce.

These resources are critical to successful reintegration and promote the health and safety of our communities.

You know what else is “critical to promoting the health and safety of our communities,” Ms. Gupta? Ending the ridiculous support for cashless bail, treating prison cell doors like revolving doors, and releasing repeat offenders multiple times until they commit horrific crimes. (See: “Waukesha.”)

Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Amy L. Solomon for OJP parroted the words of Gupta:

These resources — and investments being made by agencies across the federal government — will help catalyze and bolster systemic solutions to address the substantial reentry needs felt by hundreds of thousands of people across the nation.

If we truly believe in second chances and the power of redemption, we must provide those who leave our jails, prisons and confinement facilities with the tools and support to assume a positive and productive role in our society.

As announced by the OJP website (link, above) all awards will be made “as soon as possible.”


All FY 2021 grants will be made as soon as possible on a rolling basis and no later than December 31, 2021. Applicants not receiving a FY 2021 award, for which they competitively applied, will be notified as soon as possible, but no later than December 31.

Among the awards:

More than $6.5 million through its FY 2021 Second Chance Act Pay for Success Initiative. This program provides funding for state, local and tribal governments to enhance or implement performance-based and outcomes-based contracts with reentry, permanent supportive housing or recovery housing providers to reduce recidivism, and address the substance use disorders that some formerly incarcerated people experience.

More than $26.3 million through its FY 2021 Second Chance Act: Adult Reentry Education, Employment, Treatment and Recovery Program. This program is designed to improve correctional educational and employment services for incarcerated populations and to improve treatment services for individuals with substance use disorders.

More than $3.5 million through its FY 2021 Swift, Certain, and Fair Supervision Program: Applying the Principles Behind Project HOPE. This program provides funding to state, local and Tribal community supervision agencies to develop and test new or enhanced applications of the swift, certain and fair principles of intervention to reduce recidivism and improve outcomes for people under community supervision.

$3.4 million through the FY 2021 Implementing the PREA Standards, Protecting Inmates, and Safeguarding Communities Program. This program provides funding for projects designed to prevent, detect and respond to sexual abuse and sexual harassment in confinement facilities and to achieve and maintain compliance with the Prison Rape Elimination Act standards.


Here’s the thing.

I’m not suggesting programs should not be in place to help convicted criminals reintegrate into society. Those with a desire to reintegrate and who demonstrate that desire, in particular.

However, often programs like this for habitual repeat offenders of violent crimes are not dissimilar to hapless Kamala Harris trotting off to the Northern Triangle (once) in search of the “root causes” of illegal immigration while the purposely created Biden Border Crisis™ continues unabated.

Here’s the other thing.

This is yet another quintessential example of disingenuous liberalism. Liberals have never been about solutions. Particularly, solutions to problems they claim to want to fix. Liberalism has always been about symbolism over substance. Liberalism has always been about exploitation, pandering, and bald-faced lying. Liberalism has always been about the ballot box over everything else.

Understand “all of the above” — and you understand the mindset of the American liberal.


A genuine Merry Christmas, RedStaters. Enjoy those you love.

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