Victorious Taliban Hold Massive Military Parade — Compliments of You-Know-Who

Taliban forces held a victorious military parade in Kabul on Sunday, replete with top-notch U.S. Army equipment abandoned by the hapless President of the United States when he skedaddled out of Afghaninastion — solely for political purposes — without so much as alerting NATO allies or the Afghan government, including inexplicably walking away from the strategic Bagram Air Base.


Yeah, Joe did that.

The Special Investigator for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), in its most recent quarterly report to Congress, said the U.S.-backed Afghan military possessed more than 150 aircraft before the Taliban takeover, including 23 A-29 “Super Tucano” turboprop ground-attack aircraft, three C-130 transport aircraft, 33 UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters, and 43 smaller MD 530 choppers.

In addition, at least 600,000+ smalls-arm M16s, M249 SAWs, M24 sniper systems, 50 caliber machine guns, 1,394 M203 grenade launchers, M134 miniguns, 20mm Gatling guns, rockets and rocket launchers, communications gear, thousands of trucks, and millions of rounds of ammunition were abandoned by the fleeing U.S. military, as well.

Speaking of Biden’s Afghanistan debacle, as is the case with the Biden supply chain crisis and all those container ships floating off the California coast for weeks-turning-to-months, have you noticed how both debacles — along with the Biden Border Crisis™ have disappeared from the “mainstream” news cycle?


Yeah, me too.

Nonetheless, the victorious military parade included dozens of U.S.-made M1117 armored security vehicles, Russian Mi-17 helicopters overhead, Taliban extremists carrying M4 riles — real assault rifles, by the way — and other American weapons, reported the Washington Examiner.

The report also said U.S. military personnel removed or destroyed some U.S. technology and equipment ahead of the end-of-August departure. Biden & Co. left behind 70 MRAP — Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected — light tactical vehicles and 27 Humvees, and 73 inoperable aircraft inoperable, Gen. Frank McKenzie told reporters at the time, according to the Examiner.

Ridiculously and predictably, the Biden administration attempted to allay the fear of Americans over leaving a massive amount of military hardware to the most brutal terrorist organization on the planet, suggesting the equipment would become inoperable in time due to lack of parts or trained mechanics to service the sophisticated equipment.

Just one problem.

As Defense One reported in early September, the ultimate winner of two decades of war in Afghanistan is likely China.

The aircraft and armored vehicles left behind when U.S. forces withdrew will give China—through their eager partners, the Taliban—a broad window into how the U.S. military builds and uses some of its most important tools of war.

Expect the Chinese military to use this windfall to create — and export to client states — a new generation of weapons and tactics tailored to U.S. vulnerabilities, said several experts who spent years building, acquiring, and testing some of the equipment that the Taliban now controls.


Josh Lospinoso, CEO of cybersecurity company Shift5, told Defense One it’s likely only a matter of time before sophisticated U.S. military abandoned to the Taliban comes back to bite America in the behind — courtesy of China.

“The only reason we aren’t seeing more attacks is because of a veil of secrecy around these systems. Once you pierce that veil of secrecy … it massively accelerates the timeline for being able to build cyberweapons.”

Yup, Joe, again.

In other Afghanistan news, as my colleague Nick Arama reported in late October, Biden official Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Colin Kahl ridiculously insisted during questioning by Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) that the Biden administration did not leave American citizens behind Taliban lines. Can’t make it up. Except that’s exactly what Kahl did.

The worse part of all about every one of Biden’s crises is a reflection of the 1971 movie title, “The Gang Who Couldn’t Shoot Straight.” Even worse, hapless Joe Biden and his equally hapless administration are damn good marksmen — they just purposely continue to shoot at the wrong targets.



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