Biden Backs Work Permits for Illegal Aliens, Shamelessly Supports Firing Unvaxxed Americans

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In little more than nine months, we are up to our eyeballs with the ever-worsening consequences of Joe Biden’s America™. From the Biden Afghanistan Crisis to the Biden Jobs Crisis, Biden Inflation Crisis, Biden Supply Chain Crisis, Biden Oil Crisis, combined with the Biden Gas Prices Crisis, and of course the Biden Border Crisis, we find ourselves in a world of crap beyond what even we expected.


To be sure, we did expect crap. A lot of crap. Just not this much crap this soon.

Incidentally, while stumping in Virginia for Democrat Terry McCauliffe’s dumpster fire gubernatorial campaign, Clueless Joe™ incredulously declared the nation’s economy on the right track.

Uh-huh, Joe. Now eat your pudding cup and get ready for bingo.

Anyway, let’s get back to the BidenCrisis and the continuing unabated flow of illegal aliens into the U.S.; more than 160,000 since March. As with the illegal aliens already in America, it’s reasonable to assume that many of those who continue to stream into the country will seek employment — if numbers of illegals haven’t already secured employment.

Remember, this is Joe Biden’s America™.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, on October 12, directed U.S. immigration authorities (ICE) to stop worksite raids in search of illegal aliens, saying the Biden administration would instead focus on companies who hire illegals. Regardless of what one thinks of the policy, lost in the shuffle is the fact that illegal aliens are in this country, um, illegally — and as such should have their asses escorted to the U.S. border and sent packing.

To make matters worse, untold numbers of COVID-positive illegals continue to stream into the country, many or most of whom have been shipped around the country, with the federal government giving no warning to state or local officials. So how many? It’s impossible to say, but as reported by The New York Post in August, nearly 7,000 COVID-positive illegals had passed through just one Texas city — McAllen.


Breitbart reported last week that more than 16,000 COVID-positive illegals were released into the country by ICE between January 1, 2021, and early October. The larger question is, how many were not detained after crossing into the country?

Yet in Biden’s America™, unemployed essential workers continue to be fired, with Biden’s blessing, schools enforce mask mandates on children, with Biden’s blessing, and vaccination mandates are threatened for kids as young as five, with Biden’s blessing. Illegal aliens, okay, Americans, not so much.

During Biden’s embarrassing pretend town hall on CNN last week, CNN sock puppet Anderson Cooper asked Biden if essential workers who refuse to comply with vaccination mandates should be sent home — or fired. Here’s how that went, via the CNN transcript:


 “Mr. President, let me ask you a follow-up about that. As many as one in three emergency responders, in some cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, right here in Baltimore, are refusing to comply with city vaccine mandates. I’m wondering where you stand on that. Should police officers, emergency responders, be mandated to get vaccines? And if not, should they be — stay at home, or let go?”

Biden immediately shot back: “Yes and yes.”


All of this is insane, of course — to honest, rational thinkers who value everything from the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights to protecting America from dangers foisted upon us by untold numbers of people with various intentions who stream across our southern border, 24 hours a day.

Someone else who feels the same way is Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who asked on Monday’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” why the illegals continue to come. You know, the Biden & Harris “root of the problem” thingy. As transcribed from the below video:

“Why are they coming? We don’t need to guess about that, ask the people who are coming here. Not embarrassed to articulate it at all. They are coming because they know immigration enforcement under Joe Biden has been suspended in the United States.

“The White House hasn’t simply ended worst workplace raids, they’ve also stopped turning people away at the border, so people come in and they know they will never be forced to leave.

“Already, the administration has released more than 160,000 illegal migrants into the country with no supervision whatsoever, without telling the people into whose neighborhoods they’re moving because they don’t care what American citizens think.


Tucker’s right. Biden and his far-left minders not only don’t give a damn what you think; they’ll stick in your face and dare you to try to do anything about it.

In Joe Biden’s America™, it’s good to be an illegal alien — even if you’re COVID-positive.

So what about the untold numbers of COVID-positive illegals who continue to flow into the country, Joe? And how many are there? Carlson wondered, as well.

“By the way, how many are vaccinated? You can’t go to events — you can’t have a job in this country without being vaccinated. You come here illegally, no problem. What does that tell you?

“Tens of thousands of those migrants according to documents obtained by Fox News have already received work permits. Soon they will receive free benefits in health care that Joe Biden has promised them. Just ask them and they will tell you.”

Carlson then played a short clip of a soon-to-be illegal alien, steadily walking with others toward the U.S. border. An unidentified reporter asked the man: “Why now?” “The best time,” the man said. “Because of the administration?” the reporter asked. “Because of Joe Biden,” the man answered.

Joe Biden’s America™.

Where American citizens who believe it is their right to determine what they inject into their bodies are fired from their jobs — with the blessing of their president — while tens of thousands of illegal aliens continue to stream across the southern border unchecked, thousands of whom are COVID-positive and thousands of whom are seeking jobs — with the blessing of the president. And why?


“Because of Joe Biden.”


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