Sinema Advisors Level Hilarious and Hypocritical Accusations at the Senator Before Quitting

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In today’s episode of “The Never-Ending Obsession With All Things Kyrsten Sinema”…

Welp, five members of an advisory council to Democrat Sen Kyrsten Sinema (AZ) have resigned, criticizing the Arizona senator Sinema for opposing various certain legislative priorities near and dear to Democrats.


As reported by the Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF), “one of the principal obstacles to progress,” said the advisors, was Sinema’s failure to “support the Biden agenda.”

I’m no fan of Kyrsten Sinema or West Virginia Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin but were it not for them, this country would be even more screwed by “the Biden agenda” and the Democrat Party.

The former members of Sinema’s Veterans Advisory Council wrote in their resignation letter to Sinema that “we” (she) “must support the ridiculous Freedom to Vote Act — AKA the Freedom to Cheat Act. Let’s take a quick peek before we dive into the letter.

Issue #1: Requires All States to Implement Online Voter Registration

Issue #2: Requires All States to Implement Automatic Voter Registration

Issue #3: Requires States to Establish Same-Day Registration

Issue #4: Requires Every State to Implement No Excuse Vote by Mail

Issue #5: Requires States to Accept Ballots Postmarked by Election Day

Issue #6: Makes it More Difficult for States to Maintain Voter Rolls

Issue #7: Requires 15 Days of Early Voting in All States; Micromanages Early Voting Hours and Locations of Polling Sites

Issue #8: Allows Local Election Officials to Sue State Election Officials Who Fire Them

Issue #9: Makes it Unlawful to ‘Harass’ Election Officials

Issue #10: Drop Boxes are Required but No Security Mandated

Issue #11: Restricts Ability of Poll Observers

Issue #12: Criminalizes ‘Incorrect’ Statements About Elections


Not that I need to say this, but anything the Democrat Party supports (illegal aliens flowing across the southern border, for example), opposes, proposes, or rejects, can be connected to the voting booth with no more than two dots. And anything relative to changing voting laws can be connected with just one dot.

Anyway, here’s what the disgruntled Sinema advisors wrote to Kyrsten Sinema, in part:

As veterans, we have fought and bled for our country’s democratic values. Over the past few months, however, increasing concerns have emerged surrounding the status of those values and the state of our Democracy — concerns only made worse by your inaction to defend either of them.

As members of your Veterans Advisory Council for several years, we know how supportive you have been to veterans in the past. Yet, despite our continued outreach, you refuse to act on the issues that support our veteran community and protect the very heart and soul of our nation.

While serving, many of us escorted and protected voters in other nations as they exercised their freedom to vote — a foundational freedom in our democracy at home and a freedom that is now in grave danger, including here in Arizona. Coordinated attacks on our freedom to vote in state legislatures across the nation have especially impacted veterans with service-connected disabilities, casting them out of the democracy they risked their lives to defend.


Uh-huh, we — and Sinema — got it. Then came the faux gravity. You know, how the entire nation is at the precipice of peril because honest lawmakers are standing up and refusing to allow the Democrat Party to ramrod through Congress — and straight to the desk of the organ grinder monkey of the radical Left for his signature — as the earlier link suggested, the Freedom to Cheat Act.

This issue is central to both the veteran community and the entire nation. In order to have the representative democracy that our nation strives for, we must protect voting rights by passing the Freedom to Vote Act.

In the face of complete refusal to compromise from the opposing side, this means we must amend or abolish the filibuster, a Jim Crow relic designed to keep power in the hands of the few. We are frustrated with your failure to proceed in good faith and address this issue.

Yeah, I’m sure they wrote that — not. Stock Democrat propaganda. As wrong and hypocritical as it is hilarious. Incidentally, Michael Ramirez — the best political cartoonist on the planet, IMHO — nailed this very issue in his Friday offering.

Biden caricature:

“Voting is the most sacred constitutional right! But not important enough to ask people to get off their lazy butts and show up to vote with an ID and proof of residency…”


Michael Ramirez is obviously racist. [sarc]

Sinema and Manchin oppose the Democrats’ $3.5 trillion spending package.



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