Garland Once Again Proves He Is the Sleaziest of the Sleazy on Team Biden

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As I begin this article, I find myself in the unique position of not only being repulsed by the Merrick Garland topic I’m about to write about but also by Biden’s Attorney General live — he is spewing his faux dramatic crap on the TV right next to me as I write. Bottom line: Merrick Garland has to look up at sleazy.


Garland is testifying at a House Judiciary Committee hearing Thursday — again, as I write — dedicated to the oversight of the Justice Department at a time when the agency is in the middle of several high-profile cases and controversies, which is somewhat unique in the following respect:

What we generally see in these dog-and-pony shows in Nancy Pelosi’s House of Representatives — when members of the Biden administration are testifying — is the Republican side asking tough, legitimate questions and the Democrats treating said Biden officials as if they are the Second Coming of Christ.

In one tense exchange, Garland was continually cut off by Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), who refused to allow the AG to duck into a side alley for cover. Here’s Jordan:

“In the very first sentence of your memo, you said ‘In recent months there’s been a disturbing spike in harassments, intimidations, and threats of violence [against school board members by angry parents]. When did you first review the data showing this so-called ‘disturbing uptick?'”

Garland replied, “So I read the letter and we have been seeing over time threats—” and was cut off by Jordan: “Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. I didn’t ask you — so you read the letter. That’s your source?”


“So let me be clear,” Garland said, “This is not prosecution or an investigation—” and was again cut off by Jordan: “Did someone say there has been a disturbing uptick, or did you just take the word of the National School Board Association?”

Garland’s voice was shaky in his response:

“The National School Board Association represents thousands of school boards and school board members and says that there are these kinds of threats. When we read in the newspapers reports of threats of violence — when that is in the context of threats of violence—”

After cutting Garland off that time, Jordan went back to the beginning: “For the very first line in your memo—”, and then it was Jordan who was cut off, with the familiar “The time of the gentleman has expired,” but Jordan got in one more “From the School Board Association’s letter?”

Jordan’s allegations were valid. Garland blindly took the word of NSBA — a school-board-centric group that of course would side with school boards against damn near anything — let alone uppity out-of-control parents with the audacity to think they should have a voice in what their children are taught — or with what garbage they are programmed and indoctrinated. 


Ah, but the Garland show had more to offer.

In a related exchange, as reported by Fox News, Garland wouldn’t say whether he sought ethics guidance regarding ties to his son-in-law’s CRT-promoting company. (Joe Biden and his accomplished artist son, Hunter, were unavailable for comment.)

Garland’s son-in-law’s business pushes Critical Race Theory-related ideas and provides services to school districts nationwide. As noted by Fox, the Attorney General “issued [an] explosive memo this month saying the FBI will investigate threats by parents against school board members,” which led to the tense exchange with Jordan.

Garland was asked by Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) to address conflict of interest concerns regarding his son-in-law’s company, Panorama Education, a technology company that endorses the type of left-leaning ideas that parents have opposed in school districts across the U.S. — most notably in Loudoun County, Virginia.

Moreover, noted Fox, the company — Panorama Education  — has reportedly been paid at least $27 million from as many as 1,500 school districts across the country since 2017, raising questions about how much Garland’s family stands to benefit from law enforcement cracking down on school board opposition. (Again, Joe and Hunter Biden were unavailable for comment.)


Yet, Garland refused over and over again to answer standard ethics questions regarding his family’s financial ties to Critical Race Theory.

Here’s a longer version of Garland’s pathetic performance before the House oversight committee.

If you didn’t think it earlier in this article, you do, now:

As is the case with Joe Biden and his crack-head, whoring son, the case of Merrick Garland and his son-in-law’s ties to big money directly from the promotion of Marxist-derived Critical Race Theory is sleazy as hell.

But, like Family Biden, they don’t give a damn what we think about it or not.


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