Biden Can't Even Honor America's Fallen Without Reducing Himself to Hyperbolic Political Nonsense

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President Biden in a Saturday speech at the U.S. Capitol, in which he honored law enforcement officers who died in the line of duty in 2019 and 2020, said “being a cop today is one hell of a lot harder than it’s ever been,” while also saluting the brave men and women who currently serve.


As transcribed by U.S. News & World Report  Biden said we “expect everything” from our law enforcement officers:

“We expect you to be everything. We expect everything of you. And it’s beyond the capacity of anyone to meet the total expectations. “Being a cop today is one hell of a lot harder than it’s ever been.”

It should be noted that Biden’s assertion that being a law enforcement officer in America today is not only a lot harder than it’s ever been; it’s also far more dangerous. And, of course, Biden came nowhere near explaining why it’s more dangerous and predominantly made more dangerous by whom.

But what Biden did make sure he said was nothing short of blatant political expediency: he busted out the Jan. 6 breach of the U.S. Capitol building with this hyperbolic stretch: As transcribed by KSAT:

“Here nine months ago, your brothers and sisters thwarted an unconstitutional and fundamentally un-American attack on our nation’s values and our votes. Because of you, democracy survived.

“But only because of you. Because of these men and women, we avoided a catastrophe, but their heroism came at a cost to you and your families.”

Um, Joe? What about the cost to Ashli Babbitt and her family? Did her life matter, as well?


Here’s the thing. I’m not going to relitigate the storming of the Capitol, here, but c’mon. “Democracy survived.” “We avoided a catastrophe.” On January 6 and “only because” of the Capitol Hill police?

I’m not condoning the actions of the rioters nor dismissing the actions of the police, but to suggest that the very foundation of the United States of America was in danger of falling to the silly QAnon Shaman and his ridiculous band of delusional misfits is laughable, Joe. Try harder.

Nonetheless, PMSNBC MSNBC, of course, portrayed Biden’s comments as damn near Lincoln-esque, ignoring his ridiculous reference to January 6.

“To the families of the fallen, you’ve suffered enormous loss. But understand, your loss is also America’s loss.”

Again, MSNBC, what about Ashli Babbitt?

Biden’s dramatic reference to the siege of the Capitol. I apologize in advance for the poor video quality.

Democrats gonna Democrat.


So. that about wraps it — wait — I almost forgot to mention one of Biden’s other super-pertinent references while talking about America’s fallen: climate change. AKA: “The existential threat of our time.”

Via Axios:

“We’re waking up to the notion that unless we change the environment in which the job can be done, we’re gonna have trouble having enough women and men come forward who want to do the job.”

Really, Joe? We’re close enough to the abyss — the vortex, as it were? Close enough the masses not even being able to work, anymore? Sounds like a cheap science fiction movie, Joe. Besides, the only thing I’m currently aware of that destroys the incentive of untold millions of Americans to get a job is your handouts that pay them more to sit home and live off taxpayers. But, hell — what do I know?

There. Now we’re done.


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