Biden Rejoins UN Human Rights Council After It Endorses Anti-Israel Resolution

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Some things never change, among them the Democrat Party’s disgraceful history of throwing Israel under the bus at every opportunity, and the United Nation’s long, blatant history of anti-Semitism. Case in point:


The Biden administration on Thursday rejoined the laughably named U.N. Human Rights Council — mere days after the council overwhelmingly voted to endorse an anti-Israel resolution that several Western nations — America’s allies — boycotted due to its anti-Semitic nature.

The United States was elected to the body just three days after the Human Rights Council by a 32-10 vote endorsed the “Durban Declaration,” as reported by The Washington Free Beacon, a resolution that affirms support for the notoriously anti-Israel 2001 Durban Conference and its conclusion that, of all nations, only Israel is guilty of racism — which is, of course, a ridiculous notion, beginning with the poor, put-upon Palestinians, whose various leaders have vowed to “push Israel into the sea.”

Here’s more, via WFB:

The Durban Conference, which the United Nations has endorsed repeatedly during the past 20 years, was called the “most potent symbol of organized hate against Israel” by the founder of NGO Monitor, an institute that analyzes non-governmental organizations. U.K. diplomats, in a statement on the council’s latest Durban vote, said the United Nations “has downplayed the scourge of anti-Semitism” and that “this must end” immediately.

Whereas the Trump administration withdrew from the council in 2018, citing the body’s anti-Israel bias and anti-Semitic agenda, the Biden administration says a seat at the table will help the United States reform the body. Former senior Trump administration officials and Republicans in Congress criticized the Biden administration’s move, saying the United States should play no role in an organization that routinely targets Jews and includes among its members some of the globe’s foremost human rights abusers, such as China, Cuba, Russia, and Venezuela.


Former Trump administration ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley told WFB the Biden administration is only lending U.S. credibility to the ridiculous Human Rights Council.

Haley credited former President Donald Trump for “refusing to lend our credibility” to the U.N. “cesspool.”

“If President Biden truly cared about human rights, he would keep us far away from the cesspool that is the U.N. Human Rights Council. America left it under President Trump because we refused to lend our credibility, as the most generous country in the world, to cover for the world’s worst tyrants and dictators. [Biden’s] actions today aren’t just embarrassing; they’re dangerous.”

Au contraire, says Biden’s smug inept Secretary of State Antony Blinken, via WFB:

Secretary of State Antony Blinken, in a statement thanking member nations for allowing the United States to rejoin the council, said the body “suffers from serious flaws, including disproportionate attention on Israel and the membership of several states with egregious human rights records.”

The Biden administration will use its voice to “push back against attempts to subvert the ideals upon which the Human Rights Council was founded,” he said. Blinken did not mention the council’s latest endorsement of Durban in his statement.


As I said at the top, the Democrat Party’s history of screwing Israel at every opportunity is long. Remember how Barack Obama gleefully humiliated the Jewish nation and its then-Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, throughout his purposely divisive presidency, including parting betrayal on the way out the door? Me, too.

Or when Chicago Jesus the former president, during a speech in Jerusalem, admonished Israelis to “look at the world through” the eyes of Palestinians” (presumably including Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, which has a fondness for indiscriminately launching rocket attacks against Israeli civilian areas), and recognize that “Neither ‘occupation’ nor ‘expulsion’ is the answer — just as Israelis built a state in their homeland, Palestinians have a right to be a free people in their own land.”

And remember Obama quietly sending the Palestinians $221 million in his last hours of office? Me, too.

“All the above” illustrates the conundrum of the majority of Jewish Americans. While there is no better friend of Israel on the planet than the Republican Party, Jewish voters overwhelmingly vote Democrat. I’ve had prominent Jewish Americans explain the phenomenon to me, including my good friend, Evan Sayet, author of “The Woke Supremacy,” conservative speaker, and stand-up comic (really). That said, I still don’t get it.


Meanwhile, Biden, being the Democrat trooper he is, continues the party’s tradition of trashing Israel and sucking up to the U.N. and so-called “Palestine.”


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