Carville, Axelrod Deliver Blunt Message to 'Smug,' 'Arrogant' Dems — They'll Totally Ignore It

Carville, Axelrod Deliver Blunt Message to 'Smug,' 'Arrogant' Dems — They'll Totally Ignore It
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I noted elsewhere yesterday that today’s Democrat Party is not the Democrat Party of our parents. Hell, today’s Democrat Party isn’t even the Democrat Party of former Clinton official James Carville and former Obama official David Axelrod, anymore. And no one knows that better than Carville and Axelrod, themselves — and they’re not happy about it.

“Axe” and the “Ragin’ Cajun” teed off on the Democrat Party during a joint appearance on CNN’s “Fredo Cuomo Prime Time” on Wednesday to deliver a blunt message to their party:

“Metropolitan arrogance” and “urban smugness” is growing more and more “detrimental” to the Democrats’ future election prospects.

To that end, as Breitbart reported, Axelrod noted that Democrats have won seven of the last eight presidential elections by popular vote, while also noting a couple of troubling facts and a staggering statistic for Democrats moving forward (or backwards, as the case might be):

“But that’s not how we elect presidents. Every state has two senators. As we become more and more of a metropolitan party and we write off large segments of the country, Donald Trump won 80% of the counties in this country.”

Now a senior CNN political commentator, Axelrod believes Joe Biden knows the above reality while the majority of the Democrat Party does not. (Personally, I believe the whole “Joey from Scranton” nonsense is a bunch of crap; “Lunch-Pail Joe” is none of the kind.)

“Biden understands that a lot of Democrats don’t. He understands that people who work with their hands, people who work with their back, people who farm are entitled to the same dignity as people who sit in front of a computer screen all day. But that’s not always the attitude of the Democratic Party. I think there’s a price to be paid for that.”

Spoiler, Axe: Your party will continue to pay that price. Why? Because they look down their noses at the very people they claim to represent; to fight for — against the evil Republicans.

Carville — with whom I agree on virtually nothing politically but would love to have a few beers and talk about anything but politics — got down to Carvillespeak, or as he describes it, “plain English” in his assessment of the state of today’s Democrat Party.

“I think speak plain English and just what David said if the nature of being a Democrat is you respect everybody and particularly respect people’s labor. So often, Democrats come across with this metropolitan arrogance, urban smugness that people feel, and it hurts us.

“By the way, it even hurts us with people that live in cities that don’t speak this jargony faculty language. The people in South Chicago do not speak the same language that the faculty at the University of Chicago speaks.

“It’s just that simple. We’re Democrats, and we’re trying to persuade people, and we have to persuade a lot of them because you’re right.”

And again, the reality of the demographics.

“Eighteen percent of the country elects 52 senators. We have to be communicators, and we have to take every chance to communicate as precious and communicate with everybody and don’t be so smug about everything.”

Let’s “unpack” (I abhor overused jargon, btw) Carville’s comments, a bit.

Ah, but it isn’t “just that simple,” James. It isn’t just that Democrat elites “come across” with “metropolitan arrogance” and “urban smugness.” Democrats like Pelosi, Schumer, Warren, Sanders (I), Harris, Schiff, and Nadler are the very embodiment of arrogance and smugness. They are always the smartest people in the room, my friend, and have zero tolerance for the basket of deplorables who “cling to guns or religion.”

Here’s the larger point, James.

The Democrat Party and its liberal lapdog media have become the front-line useful idiots of the radicalized left, including those in academia who are hellbent on driving a permanent wedge between black and white America — and destroying this country as we know it.

Worse? Judged by the last 15 months, the useful idiots have giddily delivered in spades.

While Carville and Axelrod were correct, in the sense that today’s Democrat Party is “out of touch” with the Democrat Party of years past, Carville, Axelrod, and other “moderate” Democrats are out of touch with their party. They have become “out of touch” relics in the party that FDR and JFK would no longer recognize.

Not even Barack Obama attempted some of the radical moves Biden, Pelosi, Schumer & Co. Not that O didn’t want to, mind you; he correctly assessed that America “wasn’t yet ready” for globalism and blatant socialism.

It still isn’t.

That today’s Democrat Party can blatantly get away with both — globalism and socialism — is a stark reminder of what this party has become and where it is headed, which presents a double-edged sword to the GOP. Perhaps the Republicans will knock off their circular firing squad to take advantage of the radicalized policies of the Democrats in time for the 2024 presidential election — if not the 2022 midterms.

Spoiler: I won’t hold my breath.

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