CNN Hilariously Nukes Own Narrative With Report From Incomplete Border Wall

THIS… Is CNN… The Most Trusted Name in News™…

For a hopelessly biased “news” outlet with ratings swirling down the toilet on a daily basis, the notion that CNN actually believes that ridiculous self-proclaimed bi-line is so, um, CNN. You can’t make that up, but you don’t have to — CNN’s got you covered. Case in point:


As the old saying goes, sometimes these things just write themselves. With that in mind, ladies and gentlemen, here’s crack CNN Chief National Security Security [ROTFL emoji] Correspondent, Jim Sciutto from the U.S.-Mexico border with an incisive report on reality:

Why, you don’t say? So you expect us to believe that illegal aliens, members of Mexican drug cartels, foreign terrorists, and everyone else intent on illegally crossing the border find it easier to do so when there is no wall in place to rain on their illegal alien parade? No way.

Good job, Sherlock.

Via Breitbart:

During a report from the Arizona-Mexico border aired on CNN on Tuesday, CNN Chief National Security Correspondent Jim Sciutto said that incomplete sections of the border wall have “become new transit points” and that at one incomplete segment, smugglers built a road to have better access to the entry point.

Reality: 1, CNN and their pal Biden: 0. Final Score.

While standing  in front of an incomplete section of the wall, Sciutto said,

“So, what’s happened in sections like this that are incomplete is they become new transit points. And you can tell that because of the barbed wire here bent up from the bottom so you can crawl under it.

“Lots of footprints, showing lots of foot traffic. But we’re also told that smugglers, they’ve even built a road here for better access to this entry point, to make it even easier to cross.”


One thing is certain: Sciutto missed his calling. Dude could’ve been a super sleuth for the CIA or the NSA — hunting down mastermind bad guys all over the globe.

CNN published Sciutto’s latest border report on Tuesday. Excerpts:

Border Patrol is seeing a dramatic rise in attempted crossings from Mexico, Central, and South America. Encounters are up more than 150% this year from the same period last year. And detections by the Border Patrol’s drones monitoring the area from the air have tripled in the same time period, the agency says.

In a new development, migrants and smugglers are using military-style tactics to avoid detection. Migrants come north dressed like soldiers, wearing camouflage. They wear boots made from sections of carpet to obscure their footsteps.

Crucially, they come across in multiple groups as small as one or two people, dropped along the border and told to enter at different times to outwit and overwhelm Border Patrol agents.

This is reality — vs. the herculean attempts by CNN, MSNBC, and other Democrat Party water carriers to portray illegal crossings primarily as starving unaccompanied children found huddled under some rock. A bit of snark, there, but the point is accurate.

Sabri Dikman, acting deputy chief patrol agent of the Tucson Sector, told CNN.

“So instead of in years gone by where we’d have a group of 20, a group of 30 crossing the border, currently we see 10 groups of two, so what happens is they split up, they cross the border, and it takes two agents or one agent to address each one of those individual groups so we become task-saturated.”


Again, we’re not talking about unaccompanied children or families, here. The Border Patrol told CNN that 85% of the “migrants” they encounter are single adults, some of whom have criminal records. (Democrat Party and liberal media lapdogs unavailable for comment.)

So Why Now?

“So why now” as reported by CNN’s own correspondent.

“Why are they coming now? Many believe that US law and Border Patrol operations changed with the new administration. And smugglers are taking advantage of that perception, lying to migrants about how they will be received at the border.

“‘We interview almost everyone that we arrest,’ Dikman said. ‘What we’ve found is some of them do have a perception that there’s been a change in immigration laws — a perception that there’s a gap in enforcement on the US border. But that’s their perception. We’re still out there every day doing our job.’

“‘The laws for immigration have not changed, so our job has not changed,'” Jesus Vasavilbaso, Border Patrol Agent, Tucson Sector, told me. ‘We’re still enforcing the same laws we have been enforcing for many years.'”

Reread that. Think about it.

Nothing has changed with respect to immigration law. Border patrol agents’ jobs have not changed. But “just like that” — on Day One of Grandpa Pudding Joe Biden’s occupation of the Oval Office — everything changed. No amount of deflection or lying can belie the reality of the Biden Border Crisis.


And the worst part of all?

He did it on purpose. He ran his pathetic basement campaign on making sure every potential illegal alien south of the border knew they would be welcomed in “Biden’s America” with open arms.

The cold hard truth is Biden and his Democrat colleagues love every minute of it.

The more, the better.

Any disingenuous protestations (bald-faced lies) from the White House or Democrats in Congress to the contrary amount nothing more than window dressing.



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