Biden's Drive to 'Cancel' Trump Continues With Reversal of Monument Vandalism Crackdown

(Dean Hoffmeyer /Richmond Times-Dispatch via AP)

Is it just me, or does the Biden regime appear to be hellbent on erasing every vestige of Donald Trump and his administration it can get away with — including Trump orders that haven’t even yet been carried out? Why it’s “almost” Orwellian, don’t you think? Yeah.


Biden’s determined drive to “cancel” all things Trump continued on Friday when he issued his 146,785th [sarc] executive order, this one revoking multiple Trump orders, including several tied to the defacement and vandalism of public monuments during last year’s “racial justice” riots — AKA: “peaceful protests” — as reported by The Washington Times.

Biden’s order also reverses Trump’s order to establish a “National Garden of American Heroes” honoring people like Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Four Tweets Tell You All You Need to Know


“A meaningful blow against violent Antifa/BLM anarchists burning, defacing and tearing down public and private property, statues and monuments.”




According to The Washington Times, Biden’s order negates Trump’s June 2020 order that made it the policy of the United States to prosecute people who deface or damage public property to the “fullest extent” of the law. Trump’s order also said it was the policy of the U.S. to withhold federal funds from state and local governments and law enforcement agencies that fail to protect public monuments and spaces from vandalism.

OK, now I get it.

How the hell can peaceful Black Lives Matter Marxists and Antifa anarchists peacefully protest if they face possible prosecution for peacefully vandalizing public monuments and government buildings? Good job, Joe!


In addition, a July 2020 order by Trump set up the establishment of a task force charged with building and rebuilding monuments, while also decrying the tearing down of historical figures like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Trump said in the order: “My administration will not abide an assault on our collective national memory.”

Yeah, well, Donald, there’s a new administration in town.

A new administration that will not only “abide an assault on our collective national memory,” but based on what we’ve seen on a regular basis over the last 115 days, will also actively promote the destruction of America as we know it.


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