WATCH: Biden's Education Secretary Pathetically Shills for Teachers Unions Against Reopening Schools

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There are few things that can stand between a “good” Democrat and a labor union. And as has been abundantly clear for most of the last year, no labor union in America wields more power and enjoys more control over the Democrat Party than the teachers’ unions.


When the never-ending COVID “pandemic” is finally over — given that the left, at some distant time, finally allows us to put it out of its misery — if someone erects a “Bad-Faith Actors of the COVID Pandemic” monument, it should be emblazoned with a “crest” representing America’s teachers’ unions for what they’ve done to American’s school kids.

Just consider the following, but virtue of these past RedState headlines:

Dear Teachers Unions: Parents Are Not the Enemy

Teachers Unions and the Real Cost of School Closures

Teachers Unions Have a New Demand, It Will Make You Pull Your Hair Out

Teachers Unions Are Putting Our Children Last And American Parents Have Had Enough

There are more, of course, but the bottom line is, as the final headline above suggests, teachers’ unions have been holding America’s school kids hostage to what has turned out to be a never-ending list of demands, ranging from ridiculous “safety precautions” against COVID (a ruse), the length of collective bargaining agreements, bogus anti-science claims, trumped-up vaccination concerns, and on and on.

At the end of the proverbial day, it’s been about money. And maintaining power. Make that increasing its power. 


And the Democrat Party — with Joe Biden as its shiny new union-loving hood ornament — has turned itself inside out in defense of the teachers’ unions — at the expense of our kids.

Speaking Biden and teachers’ unions, as Fox News reported in February, Biden received more money from teachers’ unions than any other candidate in 2020 — to the tune of $232,000. By comparison, second-place “honors” went to Bernie Sanders at just over $50,000.

Also in February, as reported by the Wall Street Journal, Biden’s campaign pledge that the majority of America’s schools would reopen within his first 100 days in office was exposed as the hollow promise it was, when Circle-Back Psaki poured cold water all over it:

“His goal that he set is to have the majority of schools, so more than 50 percent, open by day 100 of his presidency and that means some teaching in classrooms. “So at least one day a week.”

“More than 50 percent” could be 50.1 percent. One day out of five? Parents of school kids: Is that how you define “open”?

So here’s Biden’s Education Secretary Miguel Cardona, recently defending the ever-loving crap out of teachers’ unions in practically every laughable way he could come up with — including, with a straight face — suggesting that the majority of parents of school-age kids agree with the teachers’ unions and by extension Biden about the continuing threat of COVID to reopening schools that remain closed.


I don’t know if you’ve seen any pathetic videos today — but I do know, even if you have, this one is gonna be at or near the top.

No wonder the National Education Association was giddy in its congratulatory tweet celebrating Cordona’s nomination, huh?

“Congratulations to @teachcardona, @JoeBiden’s nominee for Secretary of Education! Miguel Cardona, a former public school teacher, union member, and principal, has forged a career advocating for CT’s students and will continue fighting for educators across the nation.”

Clean-up in aisle 5. [rolling-eyes emoji]

The bottom line is, the “party of children” has revealed itself — bigly — over much of the past year to be what those of us who know better have always known — “the party of labor unions.” Above everyone and everything else, relatively speaking.


Not unlike, of course, the “party of women’s rights” — again, with Biden as the shiny new hood ornament — revealing itself as “the party of biological males kicking the hell out of females in women’s sports.”

Wise up, rank-and-file Democrats. Next time, at least think about your kids.


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