'Cancel Culture' Update: 'White Savior' Isaac Newton Benefited From 'Colonial Era Activity'

Democrats: “Follow the science.” Same Democrats: Don’t “follow the science” of Sir Isaac Newton, the grandfather of modern physics. Or if you insist on following Newton’s science,  you’d better not be a fan of Newton, himself. He must be canceled. Newton’s crime”?


The renowned physicist benefited from “colonial-era activity.” Yeah.

As a result, Sir Isaac has become the latest target of the woke mob and its incessant drive to “decolonize the curriculum.” Sheffield University students in the north of England who study Newton’s three laws of motion, including the law of gravity, will also reportedly have lessons with “explainers” on the “global origins and historical context” of his theories.

Yet again, The Twilight Zone hooks up with Planet Looney Tunes.

According to documents seen by The Telegraph, professors in the university’s engineering department will seek to “challenge long-standing conscious and unconscious biases” among students and to confront the supposed “white savior” and “Eurocentric” view of science and mathematics, according to documents seen by The Telegraph.

Ah, yes. “Racist math.” Remember? Way too much emphasis on getting the right answer.

As Breitbart reported, a “diversity consultant” at several top universities in the UK “decried the efforts to decolonize the curriculum,” warning that the movement “is expanding from the traditionally left-wing humanities departments into the hard sciences.”

Of course, it is. That train left the station before we knew it was gone.


No doubt the “diversity consultant” was led to the village square in chains and strung up on “the rack,” or whatever you call those torture devices that caused people to grow significantly “taller” back in Merry Old England.

The unnamed consultant called BS on this latest insanity.

“I’m employed by universities to do this training but for me, equality, diversity, and inclusion training is equality of opportunity, diversity of thought and inclusivity of action – that’s all. This is something different altogether. It is blatantly teaching people to be activists.”

Welcome to our world, good sir.

According to The Telegraph, the  documents it received did not explain how Newton “benefited from colonialism.” On the contrary, noted Breitbart, it’s known that the physicist lost “some £20,000 in investments in a failed slave trade company.”

Welp, there it is.

Au contraire, science writer and Newton biographer James Gleick told Breitbart.

“Whether Newton’s foolish investment in South Sea shares in 1720 means that he participated in the slave trade is arguable. I doubt he thought about it.

“I would say that all [of] England benefited from colonialism. The correct response to that is to teach it.”


And this from the general secretary of the UK’s Free Speech Union, Toby Young:

“Newton famously said, ‘If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.’ Everyone studying maths [sic] or engineering deserves to stand on Newton’s shoulders so they, too, can see further, regardless of their ethnicity.”


Careful, Toby — the woke mob might be at your doorstep if you continue the hate speech.

As I suggested, recently, it appears that sane people are becoming numbed by the constant drumbeat from the woke mob about “this person” or “that cartoon” or “that bottle of syrup” being “racist” and only allowed to exist for the benefit or pleasure of white supremacists.

“Velocitized” by the speed and occurrence of this insane crap on a seemingly daily basis.

This is insane, of course — but the rabid left would have us believe that it is us who are insane. We, who are obsessed with and driven by the color of a person’s skin. We, who need to be canceled, reprogrammed and reprogrammed, for the benefit of society.

Perhaps even for the “benefit” of us. After all, they mean well, right?


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