What Happens When BLM and Greenpeace Team Up? 'Fossil Fuel Racism'

What Happens When BLM and Greenpeace Team Up? 'Fossil Fuel Racism'
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Over the last year, many of us have used the phrase “You can’t make it up” in our continuing observations of the ongoing insanity unfolding around us on a near-daily basis. But when Black Lives Matter Marxists and Greenpeace environmentalist wackos (R.I.P. Rush) get their heads together? Oh hell yeah, you — they — can make it up. Bigly.

Check it out — here’s a LOL example:

“As the deadly toll of systemic racism, white supremacy & police terror mounts yet again & we mourn #DaunteWright, a new report by @GCCLP @Mvmnt4BlkLives & @greenpeaceusa exposes how the fossil fuel industry contributes to racial injustice at every stage.”

Yeah, I got nothin’.

Before we continue, a quick observation. I’m beginning to think things would be a whole lot easier if white people en masse — except liberal white people, of course — would simply come to realize that if “it” exists, “it” is “racist” and drips with “white supremacy.” Much simpler, less critical thinking involved. You know, like the collective minds of the left.

So fasten your seat belts, sane people of America, here we go.

A silly new “report” from Greenpeace, as noted by NewsBusters — who called the silliness “beyond parody” — underscores the Marxist left’s obsession with connecting the completely unrelated issues of eco-fanaticism (which has become eco-fascism) and racism.

The name of the April 13 “report” is as hilarious as its content: “Fossil Fuel Racism.” Again, you can’t make it up. Also again: you don’t have to; these loons already did. And it’s beyond anything a sane, rational person could make up, as in irrationally connected dots that are not rationally connectable.

The executive summary, as reported by NewsBusters, is just as ridiculous as the title (emphasis mine):

“Fossil fuels — coal, oil, and gas — lie at the heart of the crises we face, including public health, racial injustice, and climate change.”

The report preached that President Joe Biden and Congress have “a historic opportunity to improve public health, tackle the climate crisis, and confront systemic racism at the same time by phasing out fossil fuel production and use.”

“The leftist Movement for Black Lives (MBL) co-authored the extremist report. MBL “serves as a unifying umbrella organization to coordinate [Black Lives Matter] activism and move towards concrete policy goals.”

Greenpeace claims “public health hazards from air and water pollution, and risks associated with climate change, fall disproportionately on Black, Latinx [memo to Greenpeace: the majority of the Latino community disdains the silly made-up “Latinx” label, fools], Indigenous, Asian, and poor communities.”

So there you have it, America. That full tank of gas lurking menacingly in your car in the garage not only poses an imminent and existential threat to the very existence of mankind; it is also racist as hell — and, to paraphrase a line from the iconic movie “Network,” these lunatics are mad as hell and they’re not going to take it anymore!

“Leftist boilerplate ideas” abound in the “report.” For example:

“In addition to the accumulated negative impact on human health and the environment, fossil fuels depend on and contribute to the legacy of systemic racism in the United States.”

The report continued and even accused the U.S. fossil fuel industry of benefiting from ─ wait for it ─ genocide. [ROTFLMAO]

“Oil, gas, and coal activity in the United States takes place on the ancestral lands of Indigenous peoples, making the fossil fuel industry complicit beneficiaries of the forced removal and genocide of Indigenous peoples.”

So what do these people want? “Coincidentally,” [ahem] the very same thing Joe Biden and the Democrat Party want — a phase-out of fossil fuel production. This isn’t crazy at all, given that the rest of the productive industrialized world operates largely on fossil fuels and has no intention of stopping anytime soon. [Rolling-eyes emoji] First and foremost:

fossil fuel phaseout — an immediate halt to new extraction and infrastructure build-out and managed wind-down of existing production that prioritizes the needs of affected workers and communities — is necessary to end fossil fuel racism and fully address the public health, racial injustice, and climate crises.

Here’s another fave from the “report”:

End fossil fuel racism and reverse the legacies of historical injustices. Require air and water pollution reductions in environmental justice communities with a “No Hotspots” policy and policies to mitigate cumulative pollution impacts.

Pass the Environmental Justice For All Act and Climate Equity Act, and institutionalize Free, Prior, and Informed Consent regarding federal actions affecting the lands, livelihoods, culture, and spirituality of Indigenous peoples.

Shaking your head? So was I when I wrote it.

And of course, being the good hood ornament of the radical left he is, Biden set out about implementing his marching order on day one of his occupancy of the White House, signing an executive order — executive orders are to Biden what crack cocaine is to a crackhead — revoking the permits of the Keystone XL Pipeline Project.

Never mind that with the stroke of his “progressive” pen, Biden sent thousands of American union workers to the ranks of the unemployed and a big fat “We were just kidding” to our neighbors to the north. Canada will no doubt make up for lost U.S. sales by selling crude to Russia — as is their right to do and, unfortunately, should do — and other countries, some of whom are hostile to the United States.

All in the name of “environmental justice,” you know. A first step towards Social Barbie’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s hair-brained Green New Deal. Given Biden’s propensity to perform like the good organ grinder monkey of the radical left he has proven to be over the last exactly three months, one of many steps to come.

Greenpeace environmentalist wackos and Black Lives Matter Marxists couldn’t be happier with Joe Biden. And Joe? He won’t rest until every American — and illegal alien — realizes his or her “right” to “badakathcare.”

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