'Solid Approval Ratings' Really? Nonsense — Here's Why Americans Have Had Enough of Biden

There is a “yuuge” disconnect between Joe Biden’s alleged poll numbers and “solid approval ratings” the liberal lapdog media continues to try to push down the throat of America, and the widespread dissatisfaction with his near-daily decisions and the radical agenda he is hellbent on enacting. And that disconnect has existed from day one.


A recent headline from NBC News is typical:

“Polls Show Biden Reaping Solid Approval Ratings With Popular Policies” 

“Popular policies”? Really?

One does not have to be a political junkie to know, for example, that continuing to have many of America’s schools closed and our borders open — wide — to illegal aliens is not a “popular policy” — on either side of the Great American Political Divide.

Similarly, one does not have to be a medical doctor — non-apologies to “Dr.” Jill — nor a cognitive specialist to, a: know that Biden’s mental acuity is in serious decline and, b: his ever-decreasing mental capacity does not serve the interests of the United States — including national security interests — well at all. Truth is, millions of Americans are scared as hell this guy might do something really stupid at any moment.

So what’s the real truth? How do the majority — if not close —of Americans really feel about Joe Biden and the job he’s doing for America? To America? 


Conservative political columnist and financial analyst Liz Peek answered those questions and more in an op-ed posted to Fox News on Monday morning. In a word, argues Peek, a deeper dive into the numbers suggests support for Biden is lukewarm, at best.

Lemme digress for a moment.

Didn’t we already know that? Haven’t we known it for more than a year? The 2020 presidential election in the eyes of the left was never going to be about the Democrat nominee. On the contrary, it was always going to be about the Devil’s spawn, Donald Trump. That reality became true the nanosecond Trump was projected to win the presidency on Election Day night in 2020. It was always going to be not-Trump. 

And meemaw Hillary never learns. Let’s hope she never does.

Here’s Liz.

“They want us to believe that Biden’s progressive juggernaut is wildly popular, and that the president’s obvious inadequacies are a figment of right-wing imagination.

“They want us to think that common-sense Americans are OK with having our schools closed and our borders open, that we are on board with declaring our country racist and allowing riots to wreck our cities.

“They want us to believe that Biden is way more successful – already – than President Trump ever was.”


“It is not true. None of it,” Peek said. And she could not be more spot-on.

She gave several examples to prove the point (emphasis, mine).

“For instance, Gallup’s most recent “Satisfaction with the United States” survey shows that 32% of the nation is “satisfied” with the way things are going, while 67% is dissatisfied.

At this date in Trump’s presidency, the reading was almost exactly the same: 32% satisfied, 66% dissatisfied.

“And by the way, that figure reached 45% in February of last year, under Trump, a score not once recorded during President Obama’s eight years in office.”

The numbers — for both men — are understandable, given the gaping chasm between Right and Left, which I will argue until my proverbial dying day was purposely created and perpetuated by Chicago Jesus Barack Obama.

Trump’s presidency exacerbated the chasm; in the minds of the angry Left, who could never wrap their heads around the fact that the “stupid, mentally-deranged, bombastic TV reality show host” beat “the most qualified person in the history of mankind to sit upon her self-gilded throne” in the Oval Office in 2016, and it has been game-on, ever since.


Peek also took a “deep dive” into several recent polls, conceding that Biden’s “top-line poll numbers look all right.” But, as is often the case, “the rest of the story” suggests a different picture (again, emphasis, mine).

“One of the polls cited by NBC is by Quinnipiac, which shows 48% of respondents approving of the president’s job performance while 42% disapprove.

“But a deeper dive shows only 34% of the sample ‘strongly approve’ of Biden while 36% ‘strongly disapprove.’

“Among all-important Independents, 27% approve ‘strongly’ while 38% disapprove ‘strongly.’

But— but— but— “solid approval ratings!”

“Those tallies suggest support for the president is lukewarm,” Peek observed. “Lukewarm doesn’t get people to the voting booth, especially in off-year elections.” That’s a key point:

Where “lukewarm” worked for Biden in 2020 because he was the not-Trump candidate, big bad Orange Man will not be running in the 2022 midterm elections nor — in my opinion — in the 2024 presidential election.

And it gets worse for Biden, as Peek sees it — and I agree.

“Meanwhile, the trends of these ratings are not favorable. The ‘strongly disapprove’ category among registered voters has grown steadily from 32% in February to 38% last week while the number ‘strongly approving’ dropped from 38% to 35%.

“Moreover, since he was inaugurated, Quinnipiac reports that Biden’s ratings on honesty and leadership have fallen, and the number of voters who think (rightly) that the president is dividing the country has jumped.”


Peek then look at a recent Marist/NPR poll hawked by NBC and others.

“NBC also cites a Marist/NPR poll that just came out showing 52% of registered voters approving of Biden while 41% disapprove. Again, the number ‘strongly approving’ is 26% while 31% ‘strongly disapprove.’

The bottom line; according to Liz Peek.

“Voters are tepid on this president, as they always have been. Remember that 58% of the people who voted for Biden were voting against Donald Trump rather than for Joe Biden; that is a fact.”

Of course, it’s a fact. Addled Joe Biden — who first ran for president in 1988, 33 years ago in a campaign that crashed and burned before it got off the ground, in large part due to his plagiarization of an entire speech by UK Labour Party Leader Neil Kinnock — finally made it to the Oval Office. But the reality is when he finally made it, Corn Pop’s pal was instantly reduced to little more than a not-Trump placeholder for the Democrat Party.

To the rest of us, Biden is little more than a mindless bot whose strings are pulled by radical leftists who purposely seek to destroy America as we know it.

“Solid approval ratings”? Gimme a break.



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