Watch: Ben Shapiro Needs Just One Minute and 12 Seconds to Destroy Democrat Lies About GOP 'Voter Suppression'

(Leah Hogsten/The Salt Lake Tribune via AP, Pool)

This one was over before it started. As is the custom of conservative commentator and co-founder of The Daily Wire, Ben Shapiro, when he locks his robotic brain onto something or someone with which/whom he disagrees. Case in point: the seemingly hyper-overcaffeinated podcast host took all of one minute and 12 seconds to burn the Democrat Party’s “Republican voter suppression” lies to a smoldering heap on Wednesday.

As is usually the case, Shapiro not only didn’t stop to take a breath — unless he’s perfected a way to suck in air while talking at a near-speed-of-sound clip — he also appeared to increase his already blistering pace as he sped along the way.

Generally, I provide a transcript of a portion of a video before I embed the video itself, but in this case, I decided it goes by so quickly, you get more enjoyment from watching it blow by without knowing what’s coming next.

Incidentally, to Shapiro’s point below, I’ve also wondered why “long lines” are apparently favorable to white voters in the dishonest minds of the left and “voter suppression” of people of color. Surely Democrats aren’t suggesting that some people are too (pick one, or more) impatient, lazy, disinterested, busy, or whatever other reason, than other people.

The same logic applies to voter ID laws, does it not? Do some people find it more difficult, bothersome, time-consuming, unnecessary, or whatever to secure a voter identification card, than others? As an entire demographic, I mean?

I don’t know — but I do know this: virtually everything the Democrat Party supports or opposes can be connected to the voting booth with no more than two dots.

Trotting out ridiculous example after ridiculous example of “racist Republican voter suppression” is nothing more than dishonest political theater — and they know it — designed specifically to provide faux justification to Democrat lawmakers to make it even easier for voter fraud to occur — “massively,” as the case might be.

Let’s check in with the hood ornament of the Democrat “Republican voter suppression” clown car for her take on Democrat histrionics over Georgia’s sweeping election reform legislation — signed into law last week by Republican Gov Brian Kemp.

Speaking of which, Mumbling Joe on Wednesday received Four Pinocchios from Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler for outright lying about the new Georgia voter law, as he made multiple blatantly false charges of… wait for it… “racism.”

In the final analysis — mine, at least — it seems to me, the whole Democrat Party “voter suppression” dog-and-pony show once again amounts to little more than “the soft bigotry of low expectations.” Which, incidentally, they’re damn good at pulling off. After all, they’ve been doing it for more than 60 years.

That, and they’re consummate liars, of course.

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