Socialist Barbie™ Update: AOC Says Biden's Massive $2.5 Trillion Infrastructure Plan 'Needs to Be Waaay Bigger'

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Democrats are like children: give them an inch and they’ll do their best to take a mile. Tack on “Socialist” after “Democrat” and lying spoiled children people like New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will do their best to not only take a mile; they’ll also attempt to guilt you into giving them at least two more miles.


You know, so they can “compassionately” “invest” (increase the national debt, federal income taxes, and whatever else it takes to spend more confiscated or borrowed money) in government-dependent programs for the “underserved” among us.

As tweeted by PMSNBC™ Senior Producer Kyle Griffin, Biden’s massive $2.25 ($2.5) trillion infrastructure monstrosity — fresh on the heels of the unilaterally-passed $1.9 trillion Pelosi Payoff (“COVID-relief” package)— was expected to break down, in part, as follows:

$650 billion to rebuild U.S. infrastructure
$400 billion to care for the elderly and disabled
$300 billion for housing infrastructure
$300 billion to revive U.S. manufacturing

Incidentally, only 22 percent or roughly $422 billion of the $1.9 trillion COVID “stimulus” bill was earmarked for COVID relief checks to individuals.

So more than $4 trillion later and counting, AOC is not a happy socialist camper about Biden’s (miserly, by her “standards”) infrastructure “investment” in America, which apparently doesn’t include enough taxpayer money earmarked for ballooning the federal government even bigger and making even more Americans dependent on it. 


Clearly, “this is not nearly enough,” tweeted the noted math wizard and acclaimed expert on federal government spending. It “needs to be way bigger,” she whined.

“This is not nearly enough. The important context here is that it’s $2.25T spread out over 10 years. For context, the COVID package was $1.9T for this year *alone,* with some provisions lasting 2 years. Needs to be way bigger.”

Yeah, Democrats! Why before you know it, that $1.9 trillion will be a distant memory! As AOC says, go big or go home! Besides, there’s a new drunken sailor in the White House!

Breitbart News on Wednesday highlighted the top 45 spending items in Biden’s “infrastructure” bill. Here are the top ten:

  1. $400 billion toward expanding access to quality, affordable home- or community-based care for aging relatives and people with disabilities.
  2. $213 billion to produce, preserve, and retrofit more than two million affordable and sustainable places to live.
  3. $174 billion to win the electric vehicle market.
  4. $115 billion to modernize the bridges, highways, roads, and main streets that are in most critical need of repair.
  5. $111 billion to replace 100 percent of the nation’s lead pipes and service lines.
  6. $100 billion to upgrade and build new public schools.
  7. $100 billion to build high-speed broadband infrastructure to reach 100 percent coverage.
  8. $100 billion to build a more resilient electric transmission system.
  9. $85 billion to modernize existing transit and help agencies expand their systems to meet rider demand.
  10. $80 billion to address Amtrak’s repair backlog; modernize the high traffic Northeast Corridor; improve existing corridors and connect new city pairs.

According to Breitbart, Biden is expected to formally outline the proposal in Pittsburgh, sometime Wednesday afternoon. If passed, it would also increase the corporate tax rate by 33 percent, from 21 percent to 28 percent — beyond the corporate tax rate of Communist China. China, as you might recall, is the country that is “no way going to eat our lunch, man.” C’mon! Don’t be a lying dog-faced pony soldier!

As for AOC and her socialist brethren — Bernie, Lizzie Warren, et al. — they will continue to soldier on like the good “Democratic” Socialists they are and continue their courageous battle for the (votes of the) proletariat of America.



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