NAACP Demands NFL 'Rethink Its Relationship' With Fox, Then the Silly Lying Begins

Get on the stick, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, you’re late to the race-hustling pogrom — er — party. How embarrassing that the NAACP — of all organizations —is only just now demanding that the National Football League “rethink its relationship” with the Devil’s own spawn, “hateful, bigoted, lying” Fox Corp.


As is the case with aging football players, I gotta ask. Lost a step, have ya? I mean what took you so long? This one was right up your race-baiting alley from the get-go.

Before we get to white-supremacist-riddled Fox Sports, at least you’ve undoubtedly been giddy over the last year over the behavior of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, huh?

Given that the commish has had no equal in professional sports as he has pathetically grovelled and profusely apologized at least 42 times in full prostration before the Black Lives Matter altar and the holy “systemic racist” shrine. Why I bet you’re proud as hell of Roger.

But you’re right. It’s beyond time to slay the real monster — the wickedest and most racist of them all — Fox Corporation. You might have gotten a late start, given all the race-hustling you’ve had on your plate over the last year — I mean there’s only so much opportunistic race-hustling one can do at a time — but at least you’re coming in hot.


And so, NAACP President Derrick Johnson has sent a letter to “he who has been made pure through atonement,” Commissioner Roger Goodell urging the NFL to “rethink its relationship” with Fox Corporation, charging that Fox’s media agreements “should not be complicit in helping to increase the profits of Fox News” — because, of course, wrote Johnson, Satan’s own media outlet spreads “hatred, bigotry, lies, and racism.”

The letter reads in part:

“As our nation continues to perfect its promise of democracy, the NAACP applauds the NFL’s indication of support for social justice [prostration before the BLM altar].

“Affirmative statements from League leadership [groveling and apologizing], sizable contributions [hostage money] to benefit marginalized communities, and even stadium signage denouncing bigotry [more groveling] are all helpful gestures towards addressing harsh and disproportionate [made-up] realities [falsehoods] suffered by too many in our society [nonsense].”

“Unfortunately” [checks blowtorch for an adequate amount of propellant]:

“Unfortunately, not all public influencers are willing to dedicate resources to achieving social equity [there it is; “social equality,” out, “social equity,” in]. Notably, Fox News continues to inflame racial division and propagate an unstable political environment.”


Uh-huh, sure it does.

Reality: Fox News continues to call out the real culprits who inflame racial division and propagate an unstable political environment: the Democrat Party and its sock-puppet media, multiple left-wing groups, Hollywood, various black leaders, and a host of untold numbers of others who continue to purposely cultivate racial divisiveness and distrust throughout America for their own benefit and selfish [monetary] gains.

Johnson then goes after the money — it’s always about the money, folks; follow the money.

The circumstances are “grave,” America.

Gimme a break.

 “We are aware the NFL is currently negotiating carriage agreement renewals with broadcast partners. While we look forward to wide distribution of American’s favorite sports pastime, we have grave concerns about the ancillary implications of the League’s affiliation with Fox.”

And in bold, highlighted text — for dramatic effect: “The NFL’s programming should not be sued as a bargaining tool for [Fox Corporation owner] Rupert Murdoch to help fund Fox News’ hatred, bigotry, lies, and racism.”


Then the real trashing of Fox began, including throwing down the race card to remind Goodell and the boys, “who’s who.” “Highlights”:

“[Fox News] is a uniquely destructive force. [It] foments racism, undermines public health recovery from the pandemic, and repeatedly attacks the legitimacy of last year’s Presidential election [sic, that would be a lower-case “p,” guys], a propagandistic ploy that fueled the Jan 6, attack on the U.S. Capitol [as opposed to spending all last summer doing its damnedest to burn America’s cities to the ground].”

“The NFL, a league where nearly 70 percent of the players are Black, should not be complicit in helping to increase the profits of Fox News, a leading voice in condemning those players for peaceful protests against systemic racism.”

The NFL did not immediately return a request [it ignored] for comment, as reported USAToday, but the league did “respond” in a different way — within hours of receipt of the NAACP letter.

The NFL did respond in another way, however. It announced a mega-deal on Thursday afternoon with television partners CBS, Fox, NBC, and ESPN/ABC, also, the league shifted its Thursday night package to Amazon Prime.

It’s another indication of the power of the NFL. It also demonstrated that while the NAACP made a strong statement to the NFL in its letter, in the end, the NFL showed, money is the main driving force in football.


Ooh, how evil is the NFL, USA Today? “Money is the main driving force in football.” Question: What for-profit company’s “main driving force,” in the end, is not money? Including your left-wing pandering rag of a newspaper. So sit down and shut up.

The NFL and executives at ESPN, CBS, Fox Corp., and NBC had been in discussions for months about new long-term deals for broadcast rights.

Those deals are likely to blow away records for broadcasting rights fees, according to several reports. The Sports Business Journal recently reported that the NFL and ESPN have agreed to the outline of a $2.6 billion deal. Another report said the NFL was asking for $2.25 billion a year from Fox. Amazon is also part of the broadcast mix.

And now, according to The Associated Press, the NFL’s new deals will “nearly double its media revenue to more than $10 billion a season.” And Fox? The league said in its press release that Fox renewed its agreement to produce its NFC package of Sunday afternoon games and that it expanded its digital rights. Bummer, NAACP.

Meanwhile, Derreck Johnson and his National Association for the Advancement of Colored People — America’s vaunted vanguard against the evils of systemic racism for 112 years and counting — will continue to do its heroic best in its never-ending battle against the injustices foisted on Black Americans everywhere — including its battle against Satan’s own tribute to racism, Fox Corporation.


With the exception of Sundays, during various playoff games, and of course during the Super Bowl, that is — when games are broadcast by Fox Sports.


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