Woke vs. Me-Too: Left-Wing Site Is Pretty Sure Why People Are Believing Cuomo Accusers

Woke vs. Me-Too: Left-Wing Site Is Pretty Sure Why People Are Believing Cuomo Accusers
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Who, in their wildest dreams, would have ever thought that sooner or later, the Andrew Cuomo sexual allegations scandal would come down to this? [Rolling-eyes emoji] The “this,” of course, is what every “injustice” seems to come down to, these days, America:

White privilege.

That’s right, we shouldn’t believe any of Cuomo’s seven accusers for one reason alone: because they’re white. And you know what that means. Wait — what does that mean?

As is the case with “trans rights” vs. women’s rights, in which the former trumps the latter in the “logical” minds of the left, as evidenced by everyone from fringe left-wingers to the current resident of the White House avidly defending the right of “trans women” to kick the hell out of women — oops, “biological women” — in sports, white accusers of the embattled New York governor are not to be believed — not because they’re not credible, mind you, but because they’re white.

The ridiculous thing here is that there are no black women involved — but boy if there were, their accusations against Cuomo would be dismissed out of hand, of course — simply because they’re black. So says PoliticsNY, which published an article on Monday seemingly in defense of Cuomo —although more in defense of non-existent black accusers and how their accusations would be received.

That’s right. There are no black women involved in the scandal — yet black women are the real victims nonetheless. So claims an unidentified black female attorney who told PoliticsNY she worked in Cuomo’s executive chamber for a number of years.

According to PoliticsNY, the unidentified woman believes Cuomo is being “railroaded.”

“We’re growing in an age of ‘cancel culture’ and if we’re not careful it will come back and flip on us. If we keep going and believe immediately all this stuff and then it gets recanted then we go back to the space where no one believes women.”

The unidentified woman says Cuomo’s nursing home scandal is now taking a back seat to the sexual allegations scandal — but only because his accusers are white.

“It’s really unfortunate that the death of thousands of New Yorkers [in the nursing home scandal] had to take a back seat of allegations from white women. That the history of white women allegations is still given number one preference over anything.”

The source told PoliticsNY she often saw former Cuomo aide Lindsey Boylan, who claims among other accusations that Cuomo asked her to play strip poker, “excited about working closely with someone in power.”

See? Even if Cuomo did ask Boylan to play strip poker it was her fault — for being too excited to work closely with him But still, the woman said, “I can’t see him [Cuomo] asking her to play strip poker. I never observed him doing anything like that.”

So what’s going on, then? Why have multiple women come forward with similar accusations against Luv Guv?

“To me, people have been wanting to get Cuomo, calling him a bully for his intimidating tactics, but had nothing to hang their hat on and needed to survive.

“Then when the number of nursing home deaths came out they ran with everything else. It was railroading and seizing the moment.”

Meanwhile, black Harlem Assemblywoman Inez Dickens (D-Manhattan), who also worked with Cuomo in the executive chamber, echoed the comments of the unidentified source. In an interview with PolticsNY, Dickens suggested that Boyle — Cuomo’s first accuser — who is currently polling last in her run for borough president, had ulterior motives against the New York governor.

“I’m not convicting her at this time but neither am I convicting him at this time. I suspect she is angry for him not backing her candidacy, failing to fund her campaign and/or she is trying to get the women’s sympathy vote.”

Dickens also dismissed the charges made by Anna Ruch, who claimed Cuomo touched her bare back and kissed her on the cheek at a wedding reception, posted on Facebook.

“The third woman wasn’t a Government employee. They were at a wedding with 500 people. Not in the corner, in the dark of night but in broad daylight at a party of massive people and she says he touched her back. Well so what.

“Turn around ask him excuse me are you trying to get my attention because I don’t know you. That’s what a Black woman would have done – handled her business knowing that often sexiness is used to secure favor.”

“The latest said, ‘he didn’t touch me but he said I dressed like a lumberjack with a red plaid button-down shirt.’ Quite inappropriate office attire particularly in government. I’ve asked staff inappropriately dressed are they the hoochee mama on the corner. And in Albany male staff cannot enter the chambers without a tie and jacket on.”

And so here we find ourselves. The only people who know who’s lying and who’s telling the truth are Andrew Cuomo and his accusers. Lady Justice is often depicted wearing a blindfold, reminding us that true justice is blind — oblivious to skin color, political disposition, and any other factors that might be used to tip a verdict in one direction or another.

But in 2021, we’re being told that justice should still be blind — but instead by blindly ignoring facts, evidence, and sworn testimony of credible witnesses, when any or all of those factors fly in the face of the left’s narrative.

Think about Minneapolis and the George Floyd trial now underway. Regardless of the eventual outcome of the trial, in which former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, the officer who kneeled on Floyd’s neck, is charged with second-degree, unintentional murder, second-degree manslaughter, and third-degree murder, Minneapolis is screwed.

If Chauvin is convicted of any or all charges against him, Minneapolis will erupt. And if he’s acquitted? Goodbye, Twin Cites.

Such is the reality in 2021. And now the race card has been played in the case of Andrew Cuomo — even though in this game, the card is a joker.

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