Of Course, You Should Wear a Mask in the Shower at the Gym

Of Course, You Should Wear a Mask in the Shower at the Gym
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Whenever I need clarification or direction on what I’m supposed to be doing and not doing as the coronavirus continues to ominously lurk around every corner, eagerly waiting to attach itself to me, I turn to a noted authority on emerging and infectious diseases: NBC News. How can I not, when the lives of all Americans remain at imminent threat?

When Joe Biden tells us if we behave and do everything he — and Anthony Fauci, of course — tell us to do, we might — might — be able to celebrate Independence Day in our own backyards, no less. And even better, with a small group of masked-up, socially-distancing friends and family. That’s not only a big deal; there couldn’t be a better incentive to do everything we’re told to do — including by NBC News.

Fortunately, NBC News has published recently-updated for those who work out at the gym: “You should wear a mask in the shower.” That is if you don’t follow NBC’s “best advice,” and refrain from taking a shower altogether, as noted by The Blaze.

Here’s the thing. In an article titled “CDC updates: Wear a mask while exercising indoors at a gym,” NBC News took it upon itself to “interpret” CDC advice for its readers. See what I mean about “noted authority”?

The problem is, a quick trip to the CDC website reveals that the CDC advice says nothing about wearing masks in the shower. Here’s what it does say:

“Be prepared to not use the locker room in order to reduce the risk of being in close proximity to others in a small space. Arrive in work-out clothes and shower at home to avoid using a shared locker room and bathrooms.”

For the sake of argument, “shower at home to avoid using a shared locker room and bathrooms” is fine. I’m no Dr. Fauci, but the clear interpretation of avoiding “close proximity to others” isn’t even close to recommending wearing a face mask in the shower.

Here’s NBC’s advice:

“It’s best to avoid the showers if possible, since you can’t get masks wet — otherwise they lose their efficacy. If you need to shower at the gym, shower as quickly as possible and only remove your mask when your face and head is going to get wet.”

Appropriately, I suppose, the article is in the “Wellness” section of the NBC News site.

“Coincidentally,” the article appears to be little more than an obvious attempt to make money through the sale of face masks and other COVID-related products to readers. There are six embedded links in the article for a range of face masks, water bottles, reusable straws, yoga mats, and other related items.

The article begins with a disclaimer.

Our editors independently selected these items because we think you will enjoy them and might like them at these prices. If you purchase something through our links, we may earn a commission. Pricing and availability are accurate as of publish [sic] time. Learn more about Shop TODAY.

And the first paragraph:

The face masks from brand HALOLIFE just became some of the first to get certified, proven to meet the first ever standard for reusable face masks from ASTM International, which released those specifications last month. The standard established best practices for manufacturing face masks, a dire need in the face mask space, according to experts we consulted throughout 2020 and into 2021. Establishing universal safety standards for face coverings can help the U.S. return to work and social activities, echoed HALOLIFE CEO Keith Anderson in a press release.

SKIP AHEAD Best face masks to wear at the gym

Hilarious last line. “We don’t give a damn if you read our potentially-life-saving advice, just as long as you skip ahead and buy products we get paid to hawk in this article.”

This volleyball coach said the article was just another example of the “mainstream” media spreading more misinformation about COVID. The three clown emojis were a nice touch.

The article also recommends wearing two masks, as Fauci recommended in January.

Speaking of double masks, did you catch Biden’s photo-op trip to a hardware store last week? It made the news because he once again ignored questions.

But being the responsible guy he is, he did follow the good doctor’s advice — Fauci, not “Dr.” Jill — and wore two masks. So why one mask white and one black? You don’t suppose it was because his handlers wanted to make sure we could clearly see both masks, do you? And even then, Joe being Joe, he appeared to screw it up.

As the CDC insert says, “DO NOT wear a KN95 mask with any other mask. Only use one KN95 mask at a time.” We don’t have proof that the white mask is a KN95 mask, but it appears to be molded like a KN95 mask.

Biden was, of course, virtually signaling. Just as he was virtual signaling as he walked down the long, red carpet in the White House on Thursday night to fumble and mumble through his short address. Why else would ol’ Joe wear his mask all the way to the podium and then take it off? Democrats. The best.

Incidentally, I wonder how much money NBC News made off the article?

I’m sure we’re not talking Fauci money.

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