'South Park' Mercilessly Mocks QAnon in Hour-Long Special and QAnon's Response Is Sooo 'Q'

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Comedy Central’s “South Park” hour-long special on Wednesday couldn’t have been better, America. In September, the long-running irreverent cartoon series satirized the coronavirus pandemic in a special titled “The Pandemic Special,” featuring kids back at school with barriers around their desks and face-shield-wearing police replacing their teachers.


The title of the latest episode? “South ParQ Vaccination Special.”

As reported by CNN, the special revolves around Cartman and the gang trying to get a vaccine for their teacher, Mrs. Nelson. Along the way, the boys face QAnon conspiracy theorists and deal with isolation.

“You guys have a right to say and believe whatever you want, okay? But what you believe is really stupid,” Cartman tells a QAnon member at one point.

In other plotlines, the QAnon supporters have a hard time believing the vaccine actually works, and are harassing Mr. Garrison, who is back from his sabbatical, in the grocery store about it.

The show’s creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker also featured Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey in the special, who are shown as part of a cult [whose members] “feed off children to maintain their elite status.”

Hillary. Feeding off children to maintain her elite status. Hmmm. That doesn’t sound all that far— okay, never mind. Apologies for the strong language.

Anyway, the “paramount” question about “South ParQ: Vaccination Special” is of course how QAnon cultists felt about being brutally mocked in an hour-long cartoon.

First, here’s what QAnon believes, as reported by The New York Post in October.


In October 2017, an anonymous user named “Q Clearance Patriot” began posting conspiracy theories on seedy message board 4chan — with the messages now appearing on 8kun, a rebranded version of the shuttered 8chan message board.

“Q” claims to have insider knowledge of the Trump administration and touts the theory that the president is waging a secret war against a global cabal of pedophile elites that includes an array of Hollywood actors and Democratic politicians who allegedly worship Satan.

Disciples of QAnon believe that a day of reckoning called “The Storm” is coming — when Trump uncovers the cabal, leading to the arrest of thousands — and a so-called “Great Awakening” will bring salvation.

Lest you’re asking yourself how anyone could believe such garbage, one word: Scientology. Different beliefs, same degree of unbelievability —and that’s putting it nicely, but I digress.

As Wednesday’s episode began, as reported by The New Post, the QAnon Telegram channel GhostEzra said to its 234,000 subscribers: “Welcome to operation wakeup.”

Yes, cartoons will catch their attention,” said one subscriber. “S–t, we’ve [been] waiting on MSM [main stream media] and they do it on a cartoon!!!!” added another.

The show made fun of QAnon’s claims that the government is secretly run by a satanic cabal of blood-drinking pedophiles — and jeered at the group’s blathering against COVID-19 vaccines.


Some in QAnon think the vaccine is a deep-state plot to enslave humanity, as noted by The Post, “and the hour-long cartoon showed pint-size protagonist Cartman and gang struggling to fight the town’s growing hordes of anti-vax conspiracy theorists.”

It got weirder — and more hilarious.

“I pray to God this works on some people,” said one GhostEzra subscriber.

“Kind of sad that it takes a cartoon to wake up people,” added another.

“Yeah my mom got the vax after I begged her not to,” agreed another. “And then my aunt followed. I mean it breaks my heart.”

“That was to show their audience for those that don’t know to immediately search & read about it now,” said another on the chat, concluding that the show would pique viewers’ curiosity.

Others in the chat, though, blasted the “fakeumentary,” saying the “South Park” portrayal was inaccurate — because they’re not all teenagers as portrayed on the show.

Aaaand my favorite:

“Anyone who is anyone knows that Q means Military drops having to do with ending the Globalist Luciferian Cabal, and Quantum financial system,” one complained. “Q is not some random teenager sitting in his room.”

As the Capitol riot unfolded on Jan. 6, one participant stood out above all others.

Jacob Chansley, AKA Jake Angeli — the self-proclaimed “QAnon Shaman” — was all over social media, with some declaring him as “proof” that Trump supporters were not to blame, while others later suggested that the group that stormed the Capitol was predominantly comprised of QAnon adherents.


On a brighter note, the South Park website is now streaming the “South ParQ Vaccination Special” at no charge.

Meanwhile, the QAnon Shaman continues to sit in jail, presumably until his trial.

Truth be told, the Q dude did look better in his Halloween costume.


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