Race-Hustler 'Bishop' Talbert Swan Posts 'Leaked Photo of Candace Owens on Her Wedding Night,' the Reason Is Just as Pathetic

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Over the last several decades, nobody has better excelled in the race-baiting industry than “reverends” Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Now “Bishop” Talbert Swan is giving them a run for their money, and in this case, as disgustingly as possible. Maybe.


Swan is obviously not a fan of conservative activist Candace Owens, nor she, no doubt, of him. Therefore, in Swan’s warped, race-obsessed mind, he apparently thought it was perfectly acceptable to post a disgusting, not very well done, image of Owens on Twitter, which he pathetically labeled “Leaked photo of Candace Owens on her wedding night.”

Politics and everything else aside, what public figure who expects respect — from respectable people — does that? Other than degenerates like “Pastor” Swan.

His “reason” was just as pathetic.

So what twisted logic did Swan conger up in his race-obsessed mind to “justify” his disgusting post? You sitting down? Candace Owens is married to… a white British guy. 

Oh, noes! Oh, the humanity! Because who doesn’t know “white British guy” is synonymous with “grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan”?


Among those who slammed Swan and his tasteless crap, many blasted him for having the audacity to suggest he’s a “man of God.” This one sums it up perfectly.

My favorite response was from Mark Dice. Well played, don’t you think?

Let’s play “Imagine if…”

Imagine if a white televangelist had posted a similar image, same description of, say, Stacey Abrams. What would have happened? The histrionics on CNN and MSNBC, and on social media? The reaction in the black community? The reaction of sponsors, employers, synods, and/or anyone else related? How long would it have taken for that white televangelist, and probably his family if he had one, to be destroyed?

Conversely, where will be the outcry on CNN or MSNBC over Swan’s disgusting display of hate? What will Don Lemon have to say? Joy Reid? The black community as a whole? Legitimate faith leaders? Crickets. Either due to hypocrisy or fear of speaking out.

The latter is one of the troubling realities of today’s America.


Incidentally, here’s a “fun fact” about the “good bishop,” the head of the Spring of Hope Church of God in Christ in Springfield, Massachusetts, that will set your hair on fire.

On or about August 30, 2018, Swan was “permanently banned by Twitter for “hateful conduct.” While Swan wasn’t given a specific reason, he said at the time he believed the ban was due to a tweet he posted in response to someone asking him to follow Owens. He responded, he said, “by writing ‘No thanks, I’m on the no coon diet.'”

Two weeks later, the permanent ban was lifted.

Yeah, we’re thinking the same thing.

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