Ever Heard Megyn Kelly and Eric Bolling Destroy Andrew Cuomo Over 'Massive Cover-up' of 'Criminal Behavior'? Here Ya Go

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As we speak, embattled New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo — AKA: “Lov Gov,” “Gov. Leadership” —is in a deep hole and continuing to dig as fast and furiously as he can.


Cuomo is under fire from all sides in the aftermath of NY Attorney General Letitia James’ explosive allegation that his administration not only intentionally undercounted COVID-related deaths at nursing homes; a top aide to the governor admitted that the state had withheld data because it feared an investigation by the Trump Justice Department.

Ironically — with a ton of karma tossed in — that is exactly what is now happening, which is hilarious to the extent that actions taken by Cuomo and his staff in an attempt to avoid a DOJ investigation are precisely why the investigation is closing in on the lying sack of him.

And how has Cuomo responded after being caught with his nursing-home-pants down?

Like Mr. “Leadership” always responds: he continues to blame everyone but himself, despite accepting a modicum amount of blame, albeit not for the serious charges against him. In a word, the “Love Gov” has taken gaslighting to a whole new level.

The charges against Cuomo — combined with his near-psychopathic lying about the scandal — was a topic for discussion between independent journalist Megyn Kelly and former co-host of Fox News’ “The Five,” Eric Bolling on Friday during Kelly’s latest podcast.


During a discussion about NY State Assemblyman Ron Kim’s accusation that Cuomo threatened to destroy his career in retaliation for criticizing the governor’s handling of COVID in nursing homes — the Cuomo administration issued a directive in March 2020, requiring nursing homes to accept the readmission of patients from hospitals, even if they were COVID-positive — Kelly was beside herself.

Cuomo needs to removed from office, and it’s past time for the sycophantic media (see: CNN, Fredo, et al.) to stop ignoring the scandal, Kelly emphatically declared.

“This guy needs to be bounced out of office, It’s not a cancel culture thing. You have a corrupt, lying, cheating criminal at the top of the New York State Government. It is beyond time for the press to stop looking the other way.”

#ProTip, Lov Gov: When even wingnut leftist Alec Baldwin calls for a Democrat politician to resign from office — that would be you — you know you’re in deep crap.


“Thousands of people are dead,” Kelly said later in the conversation, adding:

“There appears to be a massive cover-up afoot. Let’s just look at the relative stakes here. We’re talking about the massive loss of life of our most vulnerable beloved ones.”

In response to Kelly’s justifiable mini-rant, Bolling jumped into the Wayback Machine for some related scandal news.

“You may not remember this … six or seven years ago, where [Cuomo] declared he wanted to investigate corruption within the state. As they’re investigating, it got closer and closer and closer to the governor’s office. He shut the investigation down.

“He shut it down before he was implicated in these corrupt scandals.

“OK, fast-forward to now. What happens is these politicians think they’re almighty. They think they have all the power in the world.

“It’s gonna come down to Letitia James, a Democrat, the attorney general [and] if she has the guts to go after a very powerful governor; a guy who probably the left thinks could be a presidential candidate.”


“That’s not happening, Kelly said. “I think that ship has sailed, too,” said Bolling, adding that “they” should also go after Cuomo — and not just over the nursing home scandal.

“Look, I think they should go after him. People died. We’re not talking a few — thousands of people died. He allegedly told people not to report true numbers of nursing home deaths.

“Find out that story, and then go re-open investigations into the corrupt dealings of the state of New York from about seven or eight years ago and find out what that investigation was going to find, as well.”

BOOM. Can you imagine being Cuomo and tuning into that podcast? Then again, given that the height of his arrogance is equaled only by the depth of his hypocrisy, I’m pretty sure Mr. “Leadership” would blow it off with nothing more than a “meh,” and keep on keeping on.

Meanwhile, let’s check in with Cuomo’s brother Fredo over at The Most Trusted Name in News™ [sarc] and see how things are going for him, shall we?

Oh, wow — not too well by the look of things.

Aaaand my favorite response.


Just one more example of the tone-deaf complete lack of self-awareness of the Cuomo Bros. Seriousness of the charges at hand aside, how stoopid [sic] do you have to be to call for the resignation of any elected official when your own brother is up to his eyeballs in the political scandal of his life — a scandal that will most likely end his political career, be it by his resignation from office, or serving out his term, which increasingly looks unlikely.

Here’s the entire podcast, if you’re of the mind to give it a listen.


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