Just in Case Everybody on the Planet Didn't Already Know Mitt Romney Thinks 'Trump Is Guilty,' He Issues Statement to Make Sure

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BREAKING: Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) has released a statement confirming he believes former President Donald Trump is guilty of inciting insurrection against the United States government. This is a developing story. Updates will be provided as warranted. [sarc]


Really, Mitt? Good thing you cleared that up, bud.

Lest anyone accuse Romney of believing Trump was guilty as the Capitol riot was unfolding, he wanted to make sure everyone knew he only arrived at his decision “after careful consideration.” [rolling-eyes emoji]

“After careful consideration [LOL] of the respective counsels’ arguments, I have concluded that President Trump is guilty of the charge made by the House of Representatives.

“President Trump attempted to corrupt the election by pressuring the Secretary of State of Georgia to falsify the election results in his state. [Um, Mitt? That allegation was not contained in the Article of Impeachment.]

“President Trump incited the insurrection against Congress by using the power of his office to summon his supporters to Washington on January 6th and urging them to march on the Capitol during the counting of electoral votes. He did this despite the obvious and well known [sic] threats of violence that day.

“President Trump also violated his oath of office by failing to protect the Capitol, the Vice President, and others in the Capitol. Each and every one of these conclusions compels me to support conviction.”

I feel like Mittens would’ve thrown in some totally irrelevant stuff he hates about Trump if it wouldn’t have been obvious. One final twist of the knife kinda thing.


In addition to Romney, six other Republicans voted to convict Trump: Richard Burr of North Carolina, Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Ben Sasse of Nebraska, and Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania.

Romney, who has always appeared to loathe the ground on which Trump walks, was the only Senate Republican to vote to convict Trump during Impeachment Charade 1.0, last year, as reported by The Daily Wire at the time:

“The allegations made in the articles of impeachment are very serious,” Romney said on the floor of the Senate. “As a senator juror I swore an oath before God to exercise impartial justice. I am profoundly religious, my faith is at the heart of who I am.”

“I take an oath before God as enormously consequential,” Romney continued. “I knew from the outset that being tasked with judging the president, the leader of my own party, would be the most difficult decision I have ever faced. I was not wrong.”

“The grave question the Constitution tasks senators to answer is whether the president committed an act so extreme and egregious that it rises to a level of a high crime and misdemeanor,” Romney later added. “Yes, he did.”

“The president asked a foreign government to investigate his political rival. The president withheld vital military funds from that government to press it to do so. The president delayed funds for an American ally at war with Russian invaders. The president’s purpose was personal and political. Accordingly, the president is guilty of an appalling abuse of public trust.”


“Corrupting an election to keep oneself in office is perhaps the most abusive and destruction violation of ones oath of office that I can imagine,” Romney continued. “I acknowledge that my verdict will not remove the president from office.”


I suppose I could point out that Donald Trump, unlike Mitt Romney, at least had an (Oval) office in which to attempt to keep himself. As opposed to Romney’s disastrous 2012 presidential campaign, I mean. But that would be unprofessional, wouldn’t it?


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