Sarah Huckabee Sanders Is Running for Governor of Arkansas & She's Not Taking Any Crap From the Media or Anyone Else

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Is Running for Governor of Arkansas & She's Not Taking Any Crap From the Media or Anyone Else
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As anticipated, former Trump White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced her 2022 candidacy for the governorship of Arkansas on Monday, a job previously held by her father Mike Huckabee from 1996 until 2007.

In a video posted to her campaign website under the heading “Why I’m Running,” Sanders made it clear that her campaign will be based on the threat to America as we know it from “the radical Left.” “Everything we love about America is at stake,” she said.

“America is great because we are free, but today, our freedom and the rule of law are under attack. We’ve seen violence in our streets, at a congressional baseball practice, and in our Capitol.

“This is not who we are as Americans. To remain free we most have law and order, and resolve our differences peacefully.

“The radical Left’s solution is to impose government control and censorship, from the top down. But their socialism and cancel culture will not heal America, it will only further divide and destroy us.

“Everything we love about America at stake.

“And with the radical Left now in control of Washington, your governor is your last line of defense. In fact, your governor must be on the frontline.

“So today, I announce my candidacy for governor of Arkansas.”

Sanders, who was both loved and hated for her no-nonsense, take-no-prisoners, interaction with the largely-confrontation White House Press Corp will no doubt take the same hard-line approach in dealing with opponents to her candidacy.

And the media, with whom she had some more than a few awesome throw-downs in the White House? She put them and the rest of the radical Left on notice.

“I took on the media, the radical left, and their cancel culture, and I won. As governor, I will be your voice. And never let them silence you.

“My opponents will do everything in their power to destroy me. But I will not apologize for who I am or who I am fighting for.

I will not bow down to the radical left. Not now. Not ever.”

As governor, I will defend your right to be free from socialism and tyranny, your Second Amendment rights, your freedom of speech, and your religious liberty,” she pledged.

Sanders is betting on strong support from Trump supporters and perhaps from Trump himself; the former president — still sounds weird, doesn’t it? — encouraged her to run for the Arkansas governorship after she left the White House. She touted accomplishments of the Trump administration, including tax cuts, border security, and the Supreme Court in her video.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is “all in” for his fellow Kansan’s candidacy.

As for Trump, according to Fox News on Monday morning, he has no immediate plans to start a third political party, as has been speculated, and will instead focus his energies on helping Republicans win back the House and Senate in the 2022 midterms.

With Sarah Huckabee Sanders now in the Arkansas governor race, it’s a safe bet that the former president just might lend a helping hand to his former press secretary’s effort.

And how crazy would that drive the liberal media sock puppets? Donald Trump and Sarah Huckabee Sanders; together on the campaign trail once more — giving them hell.

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