The Babylon Bee Notices Something Familiar About Democrat States Re-Opening Their Economies

The Babylon Bee, the best satire site on the Internet, IMHO, sees something “vaguely familiar” with Democrat-run states — more than several of which have enforced month after month of draconian COVID shutdown orders — that are re-opening their economies.


As The Bee headline reads:

Democrat States Follow The Science By Doing What Florida Did Back In May

The “Fake News You Can Trust” satire site began the piece in typical Bee fashion.

U.S.—Democrat-run states are now calling on the nation to follow the science by doing what Florida did back in May, opening their economies with reasonable precautions and protections for the vulnerable.

The states are all now suggesting we begin reopening and that our economies cannot stay closed forever.

They are calling this process “following the science,” though apparently they mean “follow what Republican states like Texas, Florida, and South Dakota did months ago.”

And who better to quote (Bee-sting style, that is) than Fredo’s big brother, New York “Leader” extraordinaire (the book, you know), Andrew Cuomo?

“We must follow the science by doing what Republican states did eight months ago,” said Governor Cuomo. “Now that Biden will be our president, it is time for the pandemic to end.”

Stepping out of satire and into real news, as reported by NBC 4 in New York, Cuomo, whose dictatorial COVID edicts have infuriated New Yorkers for months — remember Thanksgiving, New Yawkers? — is now singing a different post-election tune.


During his annual State of the State address last Monday, Cuomo said, in part:

“We are hurt, we are frustrated, we are in mourning, we are anxious. We are shocked that an invisible enemy could reach such death and destruction especially in this, the most wealthy and powerful nation on earth.”

“He forgot to add the part about nursing home deaths in his state.

More likely, battered by Cuomo’s heavy-handed shutdowns.

And then the hypocritical money shot:”

We simply cannot stay closed until the vaccine hits critical mass. The cost is too high. We will have nothing left to open. We must reopen the economy, but we must do it smartly and safely.”

Who knew?

And Florida?

Gov. Ron DeSantis in June said Florida would not reclose the state economy for a second time during the pandemic.


DeSantis in October said that closing school campuses in the spring as the coronavirus pandemic spread might have been one of the nation’s biggest “public health mistakes.”

It was. Bigly.

You can read the remainder of The Bee piece by clicking here, or on The Bee headline at the top. Remember, fake news you can trust!

Incidentally, here’s another example, from RedState’s Brandon Morse, of Ron Desantis’s leadership, in contrast to that of the narcissistic New York governor who had the hypocritical gall to write a book about the “leadership lessons” he “learned” from the COVID pandemic. [rolling-eyes emoji] (See: New York nursing homes.)

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