Troll of the Year Award: Ivanka Trump's ONE-Word Tweet Sends Left Into Apoplectic Meltdown

(Yoshitaka Sugawara/Kyodo News via AP)

Other than Donald Trump himself, no one in the Trump family seems to send the Left into fits of unbridled rage any easier than eldest daughter, Ivanka Trump. Such was the case on Monday when the First Daughter fired up her Twitter machine, and tweeted just one word.

” ❤️ Iowa!”

Hoo boy.

Never mind that Ivanka’s tweet contained a tweet from Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds in which the governor recognized the 176th anniversary of the Hawkeye State’s admission to the Union, that word “Iowa” — with a heart and an exclamation point, no less! Oh, noes!

What could Daughter Dearest possibly mean?

Or was she just screwing with the easy-to-screw-with? For now, at least, I’m going with “b”; particularly because it’s the most fun option to consider, given the histrionics it generated.

Reactions were mixed, of course — here a few representative examples.

Washington Examiner’s Emily Larsen wondered if Ivanka was hinting at “go-time” sometime in the not-too-distant future.

Former Senate Judiciary counsel to Joe Biden, Eric Columbus, immediately jumped aboard the crazy train and coughed up a bit of silly pablum.

And Tony Posnanski, being the asshat “class act” he is, took the high road — just like he always does. **NSFW**

So what do you think, RedStaters?

Was Ivanka just trolling the TDS-riddled haters? Bustin’ out her own master Ninja trolling skills, following the tradition of her father? Or was there more behind her tweet?