Judicial Watch on Hunter Biden: 'This Is a RICO Case,' May Involve 'Incoming President of the United States — If He's Installed'

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As seemingly-incriminating information continues to surface on the Hunter Biden scandal, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton becomes more and more convinced that Biden family probes are likely building a RICO case involving Joe Biden, himself. You “can’t separate the two,” he said during an appearance on Newsmax TV’s “Spicer & Co.” on Thursday night.


“This Is a RICO case,” Fitton charged, referring to the 1970 federal Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations law that allows prosecution of those allegedly involved. “It involves potentially the incoming president of the United States, assuming he’s installed,” he added — adamantly so.

“This was a corrupt suppression of a news story to help a favored political candidate. And it’s not just a Hunter Biden scandal and a Joe Biden scandal, and I guess, a James Biden scandal, Vice President Biden’s brother,” Fitton said. We have evidence, he said.

“We have evidence that Hunter Biden’s dealings benefited his father so we’ve got this evidence out there which the media still is covering up they’re pretending it’s a tax issue about Hunter Biden no in the if they’re doing their job the Justice department of the FBI they’re investigating Joe Biden they can’t separate the two.

“We have got the eyewitness testimony of Joe Biden’s involvement; we have the documents the emails from Hunter’s laptop and other emails separately from at least two other parties that confirmed Joe Biden was involved in these issues.

“This is a RICO case and involves potentially the incoming president of the United States, assuming he is installed.”


“It’s an FBI scandal, a Justice Department scandal because they covered this up prior to the election,” he said, adding that it is also a Congressional scandal.

And what more says “Congressional scandal” than Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA)? When Schiff’s lips are moving, he’s lying his ass off — all in the name of political expediency.

“Remember, Adam Schiff tried to remove President Trump from office for asking questions about Biden corruption that were well-founded,” Fitton said.

Same Adam Schiff, as I reported in an October article titled One Trick Pony: Adam Schiff Blames Hunter Biden Email Story on… Wait for It… Russia, who with zero evidence — Shifty always has zero evidence when he beclowns himself with asinine charges against all things Donald Trump — declared the following.

“We know that this whole smear on Joe Biden comes from the Kremlin. That’s been clear for well over a year now that they’ve been pushing this false narrative about this vice president and his son.”


I’m never sure which is worse with partisan hacks like Adam Schiff; the lies they tell or the complete lack of conscience and integrity they display every time they tell their lies.

Fitton blames the complicit liberal media for perpetuating the “nothing to see, here” lie that began with Schiff and others who were determined to bury the Hunter Biden scandal as deeply as they could — which they’re still desperately trying to do.

“And now the media, we’re supposed to believe the media’s analysis of this scandal. I tell you what, the American people have been ill-served by the media that purports to represent them. You can’t trust the media to tell you the truth about anything,” he said.

Fitton and Spicer noted recent comments on the complicity of media from Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-I), who sits on both the Finance and Judiciary Committees, among others.

“For over a year Senator (Ron) Johnson (R-WI) and I investigated the Biden financial family dealings, we showed our work, and we made our findings very public, but the liberal media and members of the other political party chose to dismiss our work. Those same liberal outlets that disparaged our investigation now report that Hunter Biden’s financial deals in china raise counterintelligence concerns.”

“If Hunter Biden weren’t the son of Joe Biden, we probably wouldn’t have much interest in it, but on top of that, we have evidence that Hunter Biden’s business dealings benefitted his father,” Fitton said.


Of course, Joe Biden was involved — up to his vacant eyeballs. Is it reasonable to believe that Hunter Biden in 2013 traveled to China aboard daddy’s Air Force Two, and didn’t discuss Hunter’s Chinese business dealings? Again, of course not — but that, and the rest of the nonsense — is exactly what the Biden state media wants you to believe.

Meanwhile, Joe and “Dr.” [rolling-eyes emoji] Biden dropped by “The Late Show” on Thursday night to visit with host Stephen Colbert for another “hard-hitting” interview [ROFL emoji], as reported by my RedState colleague, Becca Lower.

The prostration never ends, folks. Sickeningly so.


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