Is There a Job for LeBron in a Biden Administration? The Babylon Bee Has It Figured out and It's LOL Perfect

While anyone who knows anything about the NBA knows that Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is arguably the best basketball player on the planet, we’ve learned over the last year or so that LeBron’s talents are not limited strictly to the basketball court.


For example, we learned in August after the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin, that LeBron is a noted law enforcement expert when he not only weighed in on the shooting but also on how police officers should do their jobs in general.

In September we learned that James is a renowned expert on racial-profiling after he incisively broke down the ambush shooting of two Sheriff’s deputies in Los Angeles with the precision of a master ninja, to provide us with crucial insight into why a black man would walk up to a police car and shoot two law enforcement officers, up close and personal.

And in October 2019 we learned that LeBron is a respected authority on all things China when he criticized Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey for tweeting support for Hong Kong protesters who were risking their lives in an effort to hold the Communist government in Beijing to its promises to protect certain freedoms in the semi-autonomous Special Administrative Region.

And that brings us to the presumed Biden administration, Lebron, and The Babylon Bee.

IMHO, the best satire site on the Internet.

Given LeBron’s expertise in the complexities of China, the Bee is “reporting” that the Los Angeles Lakers superstar just might hang up his basketball shoes and go to work for Joe, who seems to be fairly fond of China himself — if you know what I mean — although Joe did say in May he was pretty sure China wasn’t going to “eat our lunch” anytime soon.


As The Bee “reported,” “the incoming Biden administration has floated LeBron James as its ambassador to China, sources learned today.”

Anyway, as The Bee further “reported,” “James says he’s ‘excited’ to be able to once again normalize relations between the two countries and make sure that the United States doesn’t do anything to upset the world power.”

The Bee “report” also includes a quote from Biden, who “said,” in part: “LeBron will do a great job ensuring we do everything China wants us to. He’s a great football player, one of the best.”

According to The Bee, “Colin Kaepernick was also floated but ultimately didn’t get picked.”

Check out The Bee in the link above for more “news” on this “developing story.”


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