Hapless De Blasio Uses COVID as Excuse to Eliminate Admission Standards in NYC Public Schools Because 'Racism' or Something

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It’s almost like New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has a checklist of things he wants to “accomplish” before he leaves office. Think about it.


New York City not only survived 9/11; it arguably came back stronger than ever.

Yet, after seven years as mayor, the ever-hapless de Blasio has brought The Big Apple to its knees. Between month after month of “peaceful ‘protests” and de Blasio and NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s draconian COVID shutdowns, nearly 6,000 small businesses have been shuttered, NYC’s bankruptcy rate has surged 40 percent in 2020, and untold numbers of New Yorkers have lost their livelihoods.

Now add the impact of those months of virtually-unchecked riots, with the NYPD all but neutered by de Blasio; which has led to low morale on the force and stinging public rebuke by the head of the Police Benevolent Association, and we’re almost finished.

Finally, toss in the tens of thousands of New Yorkers who’ve said, at least to themselves, “We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!” and have left the city, which has, in turn, led to dwindling tax revenue, and there you have it: DeBlasioville.

So now what can de Blasio destroy, next, all by his inept self? Here’s a sneak peek.

I’d like to say very bluntly: our mission is to redistribute wealth.”

And. There. It. Is.


As reported by The New York Times, (with a far different take than mine), next up on de Blasio’s hit list is further destruction of the NYC Department of Education — specifically, this time, the city’s middle and high schools, and the system by which they admit students.

As the NYT put it, “a move intended to address long-simmering concerns that admissions policies have discriminated against Black and Latino students and exacerbated segregation in the country’s largest school district.”

So how does de Blasio plan to reduce or eliminate instances of “exacerbated segregation”? Let’s back up the bus to earlier in the year, per the NYT.

The pandemic finally prompted Mr. de Blasio, now in his seventh year in office, to implement some of the most sweeping school integration measures in New York City’s recent history.

The changes, however, will not affect admissions at the city’s most elite selective high schools, like Stuyvesant High School and Bronx High School of Science. (No doubt viewed as “racist” by the “woke.)

When schools shuttered in the spring, grading systems and standardized tests used by the city to admit students to its selective schools were altered or paused.

That has made it next to impossible for most selective schools to sort students by academic performance as they have in previous years.

[C]hanges forged in a crisis are now set to outlast the pandemic.


“By the time I leave the mayoralty,” de Blasio said in a Friday news conference, “I think we will have put the city on a very different course, certainly vis-à-vis screened schools. This is clearly the beginning.”

Surely, if New Yorkers have learned nothing more over the last seven years, they have learned that when de Blasio says “put the city on a very different course” and “clearly [just] the beginning,” there’s bad crap on the way from a mayor who specializes in delivering bad crap as well as bad crap has ever been delivered.

Moreover, you know when “Ida Bae Wells” — Nikole Hannah-Jones, NYT reporter of all things “racial injustice” and author of the thoroughly-debunked 1619 Project — likes it, it’s going to be an unmitigated disaster for those on whom it’s foisted.

“Oh, this is big. De Blasio to (temporarily?) eliminate screened middle schools and open our PUBLIC schools to all the public by random lottery. Will make changes to selective high schools as well. Finally, some city leadership on integration and equity.”

The only thing that’s “big” about de Blasio’s latest brilliant move is how bigly NYC schools are going to be screwed, academically, in the name of “racial justice.”


As reported by the NYT, here is de Blasio’s “clearly the beginning” for NYC schools and their “very different course.”

Middle Schools will see the most significant policy changes. The city will eliminate all admissions screening for the schools for at least one year, the mayor said.

About 200 middle schools — 40 percent of the total — use metrics like grades, attendance and test scores to determine which students should be admitted.

Now those schools will use a random lottery to admit students.

What could possibly go wrong? Here’s how CBS News is spun it.

“Schools: The New Normal” — with images of happy kids happily doing happy things.

But, hey — why not? No admission standards, no attendance records, pass-fail “grades.” How awesome is that — if you’re a 13-year-old kid, as opposed to the parents of that kid who might very much care about the quality of education he gets; and education that isn’t dumbed down so everyone can play equally at recess.


Speaking of spinning, check out — closely — the NYT’s spin.

In doing this, Mr. de Blasio is essentially piloting an experiment that, if deemed successful, could permanently end the city’s academically selective middle schools, which tend to be much whiter than the district overall.

Wait — let’s do that, again.

The mayor of New York City is going to use the students of 200 middle schools as “an experiment,” that, if “deemed successful,” will permanently end academically selective middle schools, because the paramount criterion for the experiment to be “deemed successful” is the elimination of schools that “tend to be much whiter” than is “deemed” politically-correct.

And this hapless clown wonders why people are fleeing his city in droves. Congrats, Big Bird; this oughta fix things up just fine for you.

The changes, which will go into effect for this year’s round of admissions, as reported by the NYT, will affect how about 400 of the city’s 1,800 schools admit students.

Incidentally, after NYC public schools were closed in March due to COVID, and the state’s standardized English and math exams were canceled, de Blasio also scrapped attendance records as a measure of achievement. In addition, students in younger grades switched from a letter-grade system to a “grade” that simply indicated if they passed a class or needed to repeat it.


Maybe de Blasio should scrap public education altogether, mail a “certificate of participation” — on the honor system, of course — to every school-age kid in New York City, and call it a day. That way, he’d have even more time to strut around his decimated city and paint “Black Lives Matter” on city streets to his BLM heart’s content.

At least that way, he wouldn’t be screwing up anything else.


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