Meanwhile, Nearly 90 Percent of NYC Gun Crime Suspects Are Back on the Street; as Shootings Continue to Soar: NYPD

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The New York City Police Department released its November citywide crime statistics report earlier this month, just as it does every month. So how are things in The Big Apple, these days, in the aftermath of “peaceful protests” — in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd while in the custody of Minneapolis police officers in May? The subhead of the NYPD report tells you all you need to know to make an educated guess:

Gun arrests continue to rise in the face of increased shooting violence

NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea said on Tuesday that shootings have climbed to 1,433 and are on track to reach a 14-year high by the end of 2020 — but something else he said was just as senseless, if not more so.

“I wish I had better news on gun violence specifically […] we’re looking to close out the year on a 14-year high. This has been a year like no other.” We had nine shootings yesterday. Last year that would have been a full week.

“We have made staggering numbers of gun arrests, taking guns off the streets from felons […] but when you look, three days later, four days later, those individuals are back on the street committing more gun violence.”

INSANE. Hapless NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio was unavailable for comment. [sarc]

Shea said suspects deserve a second chance, but “no one in jail” is not the way to do it.

“We don’t want to throw people behind bars and not give them a second chance. We can continue to drive down incarceration, but no one in jail, no one being accountable is not the way. “We need a middle ground.”

And of course de Blasio’s “middle ground” has been to release violent criminals as fast as he can, affecting virtually every borough and neighborhood in New York City.

As reported by The New York Post, the numbers are grim; and getting grimmer by the day.

Nearly 90 percent of suspects arrested on gun charges this year are back on the streets, which the NYPD says has fueled a historic spike in shootings that have left more than 1,756 dead or wounded.

About 3,345 of the 3,793 perps arrested between Jan. 1 and Nov. 30 for firearms crimes — 88 percent — were let go, according to department data. Just 450 remain in jail, the NYPD told The Post.

So why is this insanity happening? Spoiler: de Blasio’s Democrat City Government:

Some of the suspects posted bail, but judges were required to release others under new reform laws that prohibit them from setting monetary bail on some gun-possession cases.

The crime became ineligible for bail in most circumstances under the Jan. 1 law changes, which mandate judges to release collared suspects, with no money down, on hundreds of charges considered “non-violent.”

And? As The Post reported, of the 3,793 arrested in the first 11 months of the year on gun charges, 247 of them were accused of new crimes within just 60 days of their initial gun arrest, the NYPD said. Only 32 of those 247 are currently in jail. In addition to the 247, another 24 people arrested for gun crimes previously were named as people of interest in a second crime within 60 days of their first gun arrest.

Again, this is insane. Then again so is Bill de Blasio.

De Blasio is hated by the NYPD — and that hate goes back to at least December 2014, when NYPD officers literally turned their backs on him in protest after two fellow-officers were shot and killed after comments de Blasio made stoked anti-police violence.

One week later, officers refused to work, as Patrick Lynch, president of the NYPD union Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, said de Blasio had “blood on the hands” in reference to the fallen officers.

Fast-forward to this summer, when de Blasio all but neutered the NYPD, leaving officers to stand idly by, and watch, as Antifa anarchists and Black Lives Matter Marxists rioted, night after night; burning, looting, and destroying the livelihoods of untold numbers small business owners and other New Yorkers.

Maybe if de Blasio would paint “BLACK LIVES MATTER” in big bold yellow letters on a few more NYC streets, life would once again be utopian in The City that Never Sleeps.

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