Kurt Schlichter Torches 'Too DUMB to Deal With' Morons Telling Republicans to Boycott Georgia Runoff Elections

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As if the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election weren’t already crazy enough, former Trump campaign lawyer Sidney Powell and pro-Trump attorney Lin Wood, among other fools, are urging Republicans to boycott the January 5 Georgia Senate runoffs, even though doing so would hand control of the Senate to Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, cementing Democrat control over both chambers of Congress and presumably the White House.


That harebrained suggestion is about as Never-Trumper-“Conservative” stupid as Never-Trumper-“Conservative” stupid gets.

Someone else who thinks the notion of boycotting the runoffs is asinine is Townhall columnist Kurt Schlichter, who took the boycott idiots out behind the Schlichter woodshed on Thursday and gave them a beatdown, in a well-deserved Twitter rant.

Schlichter kicked off the festivities with a perfect example of the illogical “logic” of a boycott.

“I want Trump to get a second term and my plan for doing that is to not vote for the GA GOP senators and to ensure Trump is paralyzed by a Democrat Senate during said second term because I am an idiot.”

Exactly. And then some.

Then a simple and many-times-proven word to the wise.

Schlichter then tore into Lin Wood, who, as my RedState colleague Bonchie reported on Thursday, has also been given a beatdown by the Trump campaign.


Next up was a reference to Georgia Republican Gov. Brian Kemp, about whom Donald Trump tweeted last week he was “ashamed” he endorsed.

So, Kemp is not doing what you want so the idea is to give the Senate to the Dems.

Great thinking.

That’s super-sensible and not at all dumb.

Again, the illogical “logic” on full display by the boycott clowns.

A “liberal bot,”  tweeted at Schlichter, “You know exactly what this is about but, instead, choose to argue like a teenage girl.”

Proponents of the boycott suggest the runoff election issue could be easily solved if only the “true votes” are counted — to be fair, Trump among them, True, that — “if only.”

This dilemma about the so-called Georgia runoff could be solved quite easily. Reflect the true vote of November 3rd and there’s no need for one. Full stop.

But in Schlichter’s mind — and mine — “when magic doesn’t happen we’ll give the Democrats the Senate because that will result in a more conservative America.”


As for Trump, he tweeted on Tuesday:

“Do something @BrianKempGA. You allowed your state to be scammed. We must check signatures and count signed envelopes against ballots. Then call off election. It won’t be needed. We will all WIN!”

In an ideal and just world, as it relates to the ridiculous post-election mess in which we now find ourselves, I’d agree with Trump. However, we now live in anything but.

So here’s the thing — and I’m sure I’ll catch flak for it.

The boycott notion is wrong for one simple reason and one simple reason only. How much sense does it make to put all of the Republican eggs in one basket? And if that basket fails, and those eggs fall to the ground and break? Then where are we?

What would we have accomplished, other than handing the Senate on a silver platter to Chucky and the Democrats? With Stage IV TDS-afflicted, off-her-rocker Nancy Pelosi gripping the Speaker’s gavel and presumably Vacant Joe™ in the White House?


Again, the stupidest Never-Trumper-“Conservative” illogic possible right now.

Thank God that a sufficient number of Constitutional Conservatives — I among them — who didn’t support Trump in the primaries, sucked it up and voted for him — with purpose — and have steadfastly supported and defended him for four years. And if not? Hillary Clinton would have nominated three judges to the Supreme Court — not Donald Trump.

The Bottom line.

This is not the time to cut off your nose to spite your face, those of you who are considering doing so. Ignore the asinine call for a boycott of the Georgia runoff elections. If not? If there exists a better example of “play stupid games, win stupid prizes,” I am unaware of it.

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