Woke Economics: Biden’s Pick for Treasury Thinks It’s Her Job to Manage ‘Racial Equity,’ 'Gender Disparity,' and the ‘Climate Crisis'

Question: How much sense does it make for the secretary of the United States Treasury Department to establish as his or her primary objective the management of “racial equity,” “gender disparity,” and the “climate crisis” in America?


Answer: About as much sense as Barack Obama made when he declared NASA’s primary objective the establishment of a Muslim outreach program; to “dominantly-Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science.”

Sound’s crazy, huh? Welcome to Woke Economics 101.

Your “educator-n-waiting” is Janet Yellen, who previously served as chair of the Federal Reserve Board from 2014-2018. My favorite rumor of why Donald Trump didn’t renominate Yellen in 2018 was because he thought she was too short to be effective in the job.

I don’t know the minimum height requirement to be an effective Federal Reserve chair, but I do know Joe Biden apparently thinks Yellen’s 5′ 3″ stature would do just fine as secretary of the Treasury.  That said, Yellen stood at a podium bearing the title of a job that doesn’t exist — president-elect — in front of a backdrop bearing the name of the same non-existent job on Tuesday to riff about the objectives of the Treasury Department if she becomes its next head.

Below are her relevant comments.

Keep in mind, Democrats are masters of violating the tenet “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Democrats don’t think they’re doing their jobs if they aren’t “fixing” something, a basic and incorrect belief of liberalism; actions matter more than results.


“Inaction will enforce a self-reinforcing downturn, causing yet more devastation. And we risk missing the obligation to address deeper structural problems [uh-oh]; inequality, stagnant wages, especially for workers who lack a college education; communities that have seen industry disappear. [You mean like the terrible devastation that will strike Texas, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and other states if Biden stops flip-flopping on fossil fuels and bans fracking — as a starter —  as he’s promised on multiple occasions, other than when he lies and says he won’t?]

“… with no good jobs replacing lost ones; racial disparities in pay; job opportunities; housing; food security and small-business lending, that deny wealth-building to communities of color.” [You Do know that’s not your job, right?]

“The economic recovery must include everyone,” Yellen said, and it “must advance racial equity.”

Next up, Yellen talked about how she, as Treasury secretary, would tackle the horrific mistreatment of women under the Trump administration.   [yawn]

Gender disparities that keep women out of the workforce and keep our economy from running at full force. [Nonsense. Democrats have been pushing that canard for years by foisting non-apple-to-apple statics on the low-information public, which is just one more example of the dishonesty of the Democrat Party.]

Then Yellen busted out one of the things Democrats do best: scare tactics.

“It’s a convergence of tragedies. [Please] It is not only economically unsustainable [which “it” are we talking about, here, Janet?] but one that portrays our commitment to giving to every American an equal chance to get ahead.”


Okay stop the tape.

Equal opportunity does exist in America. How many examples are necessary to prove it? From billionaires who grew up poor, to multimillionaires, to homeless people who became “rich and famous,” to your “average, run of the mill” Associates Justice of the Supreme Court who grew up in poverty, and on down the line.

The problem is the Democrat Party, which through six decades of lying to lower-income America, solely for the sake of political expedience, confused and continues to confuse millions of people to the point that they demand equal results.

As Austrian economist F.A. Hayek famously said, “There is all the difference in the world between treating people equally and attempting to make them equal. Therein lies the lies of the  Democrat Party, which has caused those millions of people to demand equality — vs. an equal opportunity.

Incidentally, toss in playright and political activist George Bernard Shaw’s truth, “A government that robs Peter to pay Paul will always have the support of Paul,” and there you have it; the very essence of the American Democrat Party.

Finally, Yellen figures part of her job as Treasury secretary would be to “address the climate crisis.” How so, you ask? The following word salad clears that right up.

“American ingenuity and American jobs.” “Working together with the outstanding national security and foreign policy team you announced last week [rolling-eyes emoji] to help restore America’s global leadership.” [You ‘spose she’s talking about the same kind of “global leadership” that Chicago Jesus Barack Obama “enjoyed”?]


Scare tactics. Hollow promises. Pledges of action. Lies about utopian goals. Disastrous results. [See: Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, Baltimore, Chicago, and every other city run by Democrats.]

This is the very stuff the Democrat Party is made of. Even worse, half of America believes every lying word of it.

Oh — I almost forgot.

That “outstanding” Biden team Yellen bragged about? Check out my article below for a look at a few of the “outstanding” selections Corn Pop’s pal has made, so far.

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