MSNBC's Velshi and 1619 Project Author to Biden: Address 'Social Inequities' in 'All of Government'

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We got a glimpse last week of what a Biden presidency would look like, when the former vice president rolled out his picks for several key positions in a future administration. Bottom line: An Obama administration 2.0, including a retread longtime Biden aide who called Donald Trump’s “America First” foreign policy “nationalistic xenophobia.”

And we got a glimpse on Saturday of what a Biden administration would look like if MSNBC’s Ali Velshi and Nikole Hannah-Jones, author of the thoroughly discredited, revisionist history-laden 1619 Project, got their way—and that’s not as far-fetched as it might sound:

An “all-of-government” solution to address the pretend “social inequities” that grip every aspect of our racially-divided lives, as the Left sees it. To that end, Hannah-Jones called for far more “black people, particularly black women,” throughout the federal government. In the name of “racial justice,” of course.

Incidentally, if this nonsense sounds even just a bit too Orwellian to you, and you voted for Biden? You got exactly what you paid for. Good job—congrats.

On MSNBC’s “Velshi” on Saturday, host Ali Velshi hooked up with Nikole Hannah-Jones, New York Times Magazine correspondent on “racial injustice” and creator of the 1619 Project, their wish list of far-left policies Biden should implement in the that Biden’s administration needs an “all-of-government” solution to address “social inequities.”

Here are a few choice snippets from the video, as transcribed by NewsBusters. (emphasis added)


“So when we look at the — the priorities that this government has, whether its COVID or climate, what the administration — the incoming administration is doing is they’re thinking about as an all-of-government solution.

“So they’re putting COVID people in every department. They’re putting climate people, you know, they’re going to have a domestic climate czar who’s going to oversee every department’s interaction with climate and climate change. It feels like that’s what really has to happen with social justice.

“It’s not sort of one person or one job, it’s the idea that everybody all over government has got to look at what the social inequities are and figure out how to address them across the government and the private sector.”


“The problem is depending upon the administration, that civil rights division is either disempowered or empowered. So of course what social justice advocates are hoping for is that you see those civil rights divisions really being empowered and — and the reason that they were placed in all of these agencies is there is an understanding in that every aspect of our society we have inequality, racial inequality, gender inequality, and all of those government agencies have to be tasked with addressing them across the spectrum of American life because they impact Americans across all of the spectrums of American life.”

Hannah-Jones then pushed for more “black people, particularly black women” in a Biden administration. Apparently, Joe didn’t fill his quota with Kamala Harris — although I’m not sure if gets a whole “credit” for that, given that Harris is at least bi-racial.

I think another area is social justice, particularly the racial divide and black Americans treatment in this country and we aren’t seeing so much of a focus on that in the conversations thus far and I know this is something that a lot of activists are going to be pushing for is that that aspect is not forgotten, that the base of black women and black voters who got Joe Biden into this position are not forgotten.

“And we know that Jim Clyburn, Representative Clyburn who’s already come out and said that he’s a little disappointed that there aren’t enough black people, particularly black women who have been named or whose names have been floated for cabinet positions yet and he’s hoping that there will be some change in that as we see more positions named.

This is who these people are. Not just Velshi and Hannah-Jones; the entire far-left — in and out of government. They are already all over Biden like Michael Moore all over a bag of Quarter Pounders with Cheese.

Leftist wingnut Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said it best, prior to the election.

In an article I wrote last month titled, AOC: Young People Will Vote for Biden Because He’s ‘Receptive to Advocacy, Activism, and Protests’, I included the following quote from AOC about why she thought young people would vote for Biden.

Spoiler: AOC thinks Biden would be easy to manipulate.

“I believe that young people right now have a very disciplined activist mindset. They are not here with the intent of voting for their favorite person or voting for, you know, someone they think is perfect as president.

“I think young people are actually quite disciplined and quite realistic and pragmatic in their vote and they want to vote for who they are going to lobby.

“Right now young people are so clear on their stances on so many political issues that they believe that they want to vote for a president that is at least is going to be receptive to their advocacy, activism, and protests, frankly.”

And there it is. Just like there it was with Velshi and Hannah-Jones. And every other left-wing advocate on the planet. Yes, a President Biden would like an “all you can eat” buffet of worn-out socialist policies, with as much “racial justice” dessert thrown is as they could eat.

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