Marco Rubio: Dems and Packing SCOTUS: The 'Dirty Little Secret' They Don't Want You to Know

Marco Rubio: Dems and Packing SCOTUS: The 'Dirty Little Secret' They Don't Want You to Know
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As Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden continues to dance around the question of whether or not he supports packing the Supreme Court like he’s hopping around barefoot on hot coals, all of the speculation about what Biden might say or not say is likely moot.

According to Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), the issue of whether or not the Democrats will attempt to pack the Court if Biden wins the White House and they regain control of the Senate is already a done deal in their minds —and has been for four years.

Rubio unleashed a blistering attack against Biden and the Democrats in an op-ed published by Fox News on Monday, in which he revealed what he called the “dirty little secret” of the Democrat Party: It “has always been their plan to pack the Supreme Court with liberal judges.”

Again, no need to wait for Biden to say anything:

“You don’t need to wait for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s long-promised and still-elusive answer to know that a Biden administration would sign legislation into law allowing them to pack the Supreme Court with left-wing activists. Biden may claim that he is ‘not a fan’ of court-packing, but when asked directly last week whether he would support it, he acknowledged ‘it depends’ on how Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination ‘turns out.’”

Rubio was blunt about how it will “turn out.” Judge Amy Coney Barrett will soon become Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett, he said.

Pointing to the Biden campaign continually calling Barrett’s confirmation process “illegitimate” and “reckless,” Rubio said Biden can dance around the issue for the next two weeks, but “we know exactly what he’ll do because his radical base demands it.”

“This isn’t about Amy Coney Barrett or Justice Neil Gorsuch or Justice Brett Kavanaugh,” Rubio said. “The truth is that this has been in the works since Donald Trump was elected president of the United States four years ago.”

As a result, Rubio pointed out, he and other Senate Republicans saw the writing on the Democrat wall, and in March 2019 he and several Republican colleagues proposed a constitutional amendment that would limit the Supreme Court to nine justices.

“It is telling that no Democratic senator has cosponsored my constitutional amendment,” Rubio said, mockingly, “which would merely keep the Supreme Court at the same number of seats it has had since 1869.”

Rubio argued that while protecting the integrity of the Supreme Court is important, the fight against the Democrat Party is about more than protecting our institutions — another part of the “dirty little secret”:

“[T]his is about more than our institutions — it is about what happens to our country, our communities, and our way of life if the radical left and the Democratic Party destroy them. It is clear they don’t want to pack the Supreme Court just to cancel out the votes of Justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and soon Amy Coney Barrett. They want to pack the Court to cancel out your ability to resist their radical agenda.”

Rubio’s words are chilling — particularly in the context of the reality of post-George Floyd America, where radicals intent on destroying America as we know it have burned and looted our cities and indiscriminately murdered police officers, while left-wing Democrat mayors and governors all but cheered them on and Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat Party continued to call them “peaceful protesters.”

Our Founders (also) believed in a radical idea, as Rubio wrote:

Our Founders believed in a radical idea: that all men are created equal and that their rights came from God, from our Creator. That idea — the very premise of our nation’s founding —is increasingly under assault from the left. They would have you believe that America and its founding is irredeemably racist, and that nothing short of a revolution is acceptable.

“This cultural revolution will come at a great cost to our personal freedoms and natural rights,” Rubio said, “but our nation’s institutions stand as a bulwark against the effort to remake America.”

“If the left succeeds in packing the Supreme Court, they will be one step closer to erasing our founding and values in pursuit of progressive utopias such as Seattle’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.”

“To protect our people,” Rubio concluded, “we need to protect our institutions and ensure no one can ever pack the Supreme Court for partisan gains.”

You don’t need me to say “Marco Rubio is right,” because every freedom-loving American knows it.

The far-left fringe of the Democrat Party never said (and I’m using this trite buzz phrase just for grins because I can’t stand it) — “the quiet part out loud” — out of fear of scaring away rank-and-file Democrat voters. But now? We hear the radicalism everywhere from Nancy Pelosi’s House to the Democrat presidential campaign trail.

To that point, of course, Marco was right.

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