Hapless NYC Mayor De Blasio Posts Silly Faux-Dramatic Mask Video; Ted Cruz Promptly Shows up With the Shred

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Bill de Blasio “might” be the most self-unaware mayor in the history of New York City. In his six years in office, hizzoner has managed to alienate everyone from New Yorkers on both sides of the political aisle to the NYPD, NY Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and President Trump.


In addition to that, de Blasio’s willingness to beclown himself is legendary.

To paraphrase Greg Kinnear’s character to Jack Nicholson’s character in “As Good as It Gets,” the best thing the hapless mayor has going for him is his willingness to humiliate himself.

In a New York City-produced video released on Tuesday, de Blasio melodramatically — dramatic music included — stands outside Gracie Mansion… and… puts on a mask. “In New York City we wear our masks, proudly,” proclaims the tweet.

As BizPac Review described it, “the video opens [with], the camera [panning] down from the sky above the mayor’s residence to an initially mask-less de Blasio, who then proceeds to don one in an exaggerated manner while dramatic music plays.”

After de Blasio puts on the mask, he salutes in an exaggerated fashion, spins around, and strides “triumphantly” into the mansion.

As an aside, one can only imagine the fallout on the Left if Donald Trump were to do some balcony thing. (See: “American Mussolini.”)

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R) picked up on de Blasio’s theatrics, mocking the unpopular mayor for not wearing a mask as the video opens.”Clearly, DeBlasio [sic] wants to kill everyone, ” Cruz joked.


Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe was a little “less tactful.”

And “Katie” had a couple of questions.

In other “fun” New York News, Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday threatened to fine and close businesses that are caught operating in violation of the continuing lockdown order.

Musn’t violate the “gathering rules,” New Yawkers.

“Local businesses that are in violation of the law will be fined and can be closed, just like the bars and restaurants. If there are businesses that are violating the gathering rules, they can be fined and they will be closed.”

In even more fun New York news, Cuomo last Friday threatened to fine de Blasio’s NYC and other municipalities over failure to enforce state coronavirus restrictions as COVID-19 outbreaks in Brooklyn and Queens continued to worsen.


De Blasio’s the best. As a target-rich environment, that is.

In an early-August article titled How Bad is Bill De Blasio? An NYC DEMOCRAT Just Called Him ‘Worst Mayor in the History of This Great Country’, I reported on comments about the mayor by Democrat Rep. Max Rose, who represents Staten Island and parts of southern Brooklyn.

“This mayor is not only the worst mayor in the history of New York City,” Rose said, “he’s the worst mayor in the history of this great country.”

But we gotta give de Blasio one thing. He sure can put on a face mask, salute the air in front of him, turn to heel, and stride victoriously into Gracie Mansion, Gotham City conquered for the day.


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