Ted Cruz and Mark Cuban Mix It Up Bigly on Twitter Over NBA's Prostration at Feet of BLM

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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban got into it on Twitter on Tuesday morning over the NBA’s “social justice” messaging. Before it was over, Cuban told Cruz: “You are so full of sh*t.”


The political kerfuffle began after Cruz tweeted a link to an article about the disastrous ratings of the 2020 NBA Finals.

“Not surprising. Personally speaking, this is the first time in years that I haven’t watched a single game in the NBA Finals. #GoWokeGoBroke”

Unsurprisingly, Cuban was not amused by that #GoWokeGoBroke, Cruz’s reference to the NBA’s low ratings and embarrassing pandering to all-things Black Lives Matter — which began shortly after George Floyd’s May death while in police custody in Minneapolis.

The Cubes being The Cubes, it was game on.

Cruz responded, reminding Cuban that he “loves” the Houston Rockets, and supports all three, Texas NBA teams against non-Texas teams, while also suggesting that being an NBA fan is not mutually-inclusive with supporting the league’s pandering to Black Lives Matter.


The fiery Cuban, one of the more outspoken owners in the NBA, went off on Cruz — bigly —  apparently not buying into the “not mutually-inclusive” notion that being a fan does require acquiescence to BLM.

“You are so full of sh*t. You haven’t watched a game of the finals, how would you know what is being said or done? Since when is a desire to end racism an insult to anyone or political? And you don’t think using #GetWokeGoBroke is a partisan insult? Again, this is who you are.”

Then Cruz took the money shot — literally.

Final score: Cruz: 1, Cuban 0.

Yo, Cubes? Conservative activist and former candidate for Florida’s 3rd Congressional District, Chuck Callesto, might be onto something here.

In my recent article titled “Noted Law Enforcement, Expert LeBron James Walks Off Court in Game 3 Loss: ‘Not a Good Look’,” I included comments from Outkick sports columnist Jason Whitlock, along with a link to an Outkick column, “NBA Finals Ratings Sink to All-Time Lows.”


LeBron James has not been alone in destroying the NBA’s ratings.

But from James’s controversial comments in the aftermath of the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin, to the league’s “social justice” messaging announcement in July — as I covered in a July article, “NBA, Players Union Approve 29 ‘Social Justice’ Messages for Jerseys: And the Winners Are…” — the National Basketball Association has done its damnedest to alienate millions of Americans turned off by its “woke” pandering to all things BLM.

For that reason alone, final score: Ted Cruz: 1, Mark Cuban: 0.


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