Trump Troll Ben Rhodes Tries to Shame Prez With Own 3-Yr-Old Daughter: YUUGE Mistake

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There are trolls, and then there are trolls. You know the kind. The smarmy, odious little creeps who hide under rocks, only crawling out to spew venomous bile at or about their “enemies.” Such is former Deputy National Security Advisor under Barack Obama, Ben Rhodes.


So it follows that Rhodes presented with an opportunity to troll Donald Trump over testing positive for COVID-19 is not unlike sticking a fresh-out-of-the-fryer 21-piece bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken — original recipe — under docudramatist Michael Moore’s nose.

Thus, as reported by Twitchy, Rhodes thought forcing his three-year-old daughter to wear a mask outside — dancing in 80-degree heat, no less — was a perfect dunk on people who choose not to wear masks.

Particularly people named Donald Trump.

Nice, Rhodes. Twitter had thoughts. Spoiler:

It was game-on.

This person called BS on Rhodes — with the weather.


Other people tweeted examples involving their own children.

This tweet made me laugh — comparing Rhodes to Billy Bob Thornton’s fictional character Karl Childers, a simple man who spent most of his life in a mental institution in the movie “Sling Blade.”

Rhodes suggested detractors were proving his point.

Au contraire, Gollum. It is you who made our point.

I understand your mask-Karen mentality, dude. I really do. Moreover, it’s your business if you want to force your 3-year-old daughter to dance outside in 80º degree weather. Child abuse? Nah — unless she didn’t’ want to play along, assuming your little production was short.


The exploitation of a small child — your own — solely for the purpose of political expedience? Solely for the purpose of saying na-na-na-na-na-na to Trump? Soley for the purpose of taking a tasteless shot at a 74-year-old man whose been diagnosed with COVID — simply because you disagree with him politically? Oh hell yeah.

Ben Rhodes is a snake. And over the last four years, that snake has reserved most of his venom for the president of the United States. Here are a few examples that we covered at the time.

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In a cesspool full of snakes, Ben Rhodes time and time again crawls to the top of the hypocritical heap to do what he does best.


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