'Woke' Duke Basketball Wants You to Know Its 2020-21 Season Will Be All About 'Equality'

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In the early days of the aftermath of the death in May of George Floyd while in police custody, Roger Goodell and the NFL, Adam Silver’s NBA, and to a lesser extent Major League Baseball fell all over themselves prostrating before the altar of Black Lives Matter.


While that prostration continues, professional sports isn’t alone.

With the 2020-21 NCAA Division I men’s basketball season set to begin league play on November 25, the Duke University basketball Twitter account on Thursday proudly posted pictures of the team’s brand- spanking-new “social-messaging” jerseys — emblazoned with “Equality” on the back, below the player’s number.

Devil’s Illustrated contributor Tyler Mumm tweeted an image of the jersey, along with the caption:

“First look at Duke jersey’s [sic] —Why do some people insist on adding an apostrophe before the “s” in a plural? — for next season with Equality written beneath the numbers. Love this.”

I don’t know Tyler from Adam, but of course he loves it.

(Click on the picture, then again to see a full image of the jersey.)

That’s right, America — pro sports ain’t got nothin’ on the Duke Blue Devils when it comes to “social justice,” “white privilege,” and stuff.

This is not the first time Duke players have worn “equality” on their gear, as reported by Breitbart News. The team wore “equality” warm-up T-shirts during an exhibition game prior to the 2017 season., drawing praise from left, of course, as noted by Breitbart.



While ESPN and other sports outlets have long “leaned” to the left, the sports writers over at Outkick are anything but. Here’s tell-it-like-it-is Joe Kinsey‘s take on the whole thing.

“’What’s wrong with putting ‘equality’ on jerseys?’ the woke crowd will argue. Meanwhile, here we’d say it’s a hollow symbol.

“Does this mean equality for the Nike workers in China who make the shoes worn by Duke basketball players, or just for the BLM crowd?

“Will Duke basketball players be allowed to call for equality for Nike workers in China? Of course not. They won’t be allowed to say anything negative about China.”

Kinsey’s reference to China, as we reported in late July, was based on an ESPN report of “collusion” (oh heck yeah let’s use that word in proper context) between the NBA and Communist China and the league’s admonishment to players not to comment on the “human rights abuses” story.

Outkick’s Clay Davis tweeted, at the time.


As Kinsey wrote on Friday, Clay’s been over this before — in reference to LeBron James’s silence on China as he has continued to condemn the “social injustice” of America: “Athletes who wear Nike gear with ‘equality’ on the back are hypocrites who aren’t allowed to speak out.”

Blue Devil players aside — although I assume most if not all are onboard with the “Equality” message — it is Duke University, its basketball program, and its celebrated coach Mike Krzyzewski who call the shots, here. In this case, the hypocrisy starts there.

Good to know that the incredible hypocrisy of the NBA, the NFL, and to a lesser extent Major League Baseball, has also found its way to the no-longer-hallowed halls of academia, huh?

Then again, America’s colleges and universities have been ground-zero for the hypocrisy of the “social justice” movement for years.


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