Ohio State Reports Black-on-White 'Hate Crime'; Students Are Furious and the Reason Couldn't Be More Ridiculous

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Students at Ohio State University are furious after school officials published information about two Black suspects connected to a “hate crime” that occurred near the Columbus campus earlier this month, which the university was required by federal law to report.


The first communication did not reveal the race of the victims, which is where the whole uproar began.


“Mocking the entire Black student body?” How so? “Making campus more uncomfortable and dangerous” for you? Same question.

(Wait — message to self: Do not attempt to employ facts, logic, rationale, or any other reasonable thought processes while writing this piece. It would only frustrate you, and then you’d lose focus.)

Student Solidarity at Ohio State University — whose Twitter account boasts a whopping 195 followers — called out the university for its “irresponsible” public safety notice, while also throwing shade on the notion that White people could be victims of “hate crimes” perpetrated against them by Black people. “This is unacceptable,” it declared.


You know what, Student Solidarity? This is unacceptable. Your tweets, that is. Question: If the victims had been Asian, say, would that have qualified as a hate crime? Or are you suggesting that Black Americans are incapable of committing hate crimes against any race?

OK, this is ridiculous. “Microaggression” nonsense aside, how did the omission that the victims were White constitute a “microaggression” against the Black community? Seems to me the “microaggression” would have been against the White community, due to OSU’s failure to report a crime against White victims. Very confusing.

As reported by Campus Reform, the Department of Public Safety sent two follow-up emails identifying the victims as White OSU students and that the suspects were in custody. One suspect allegedly yelled a racial slur at a student and punched him in the face.

OSU’s student newspaper, The Lantern, was on it, people.


Then things got really insane.

Uh-huh. Except they were wrong. The follow-up emails said that in addition to the racial slurs, one of the students was punched.

Hold the OSU campus bus. So lemme make sure I understand. These students are suggesting it’s not possible for a Black person to make a racial slur against a White person. Period.

Apparently, cracker, honkey, hick, hillbilly, whitey, white trash, and trailer trash, off the top of my head, are good-to-go slurs against White people by people of color, right? Of course, they are; ever seen a Chris Rock stand-up comedy bit?

#ProTip for Student Solidarity OSU:

Racially-motivated actions don’t originate in the victims of those actions; they exist within those committing racist acts. Suggesting that people of any race are incapable of committing racist acts against people of another race is as naive as it is wrong. Not to mention it’s a lie.


Students for Solidarity OSU, Black Lives Matter, and the Democrat Party were unavailable for comment as to what a Black person would have to do to a White Person to “qualify” as having committed a “hate crime.” I’ll now hold my breath.


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