C'mon, Ted! Mayor On the Run From Anarchists Slams Trump for Calling His City 'Anarchist'

C'mon, Ted!  Mayor On the Run From Anarchists Slams Trump for Calling His City 'Anarchist'
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Besieged Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, who has repeatedly refused all offers of assistance from Donald Trump to help wrest control of his burned-out city from rioting anarchists, wants one thing from the president and one thing only: federal — U.S. taxpayer — money.

In other words, Mr. President, Ted’s got this. He just needs some cash.

I mean, just look at this guy. Look at those wild, red eyes. Look at that anguished, frightened face. Does that look like a guy who’s in charge? A guy who has anything under control?

Then again, Wheeler should be scared.

The feckless, far-left mayor, who has all but styled his hair in a man bun, donned a cheerleader uniform, grabbed a couple of pom-poms, and excitely headed to the chaotic streets to cheer on the anarchy — oh, wait — he pretty much did that — is himself on the run. Literally.

That is, after anarchists on Monday set his condo building on fire, which he promptly fled, tail tucked tightly between his quivering legs.

Wheeler’s response to the out-of-control chaos in his city? The direct threat to his own safety? Possibly even his life? To fire off an irrational mini tweetstorm at Trump on Wednesday night, of course.

Um, Ted? That “economic crisis”? The one gripping your city?

Yeah — it’s caused far more by the night-after-night rioting Portland residents have been subjected to for 90 days and counting — because you defiantly stand with the rioters and refuse to put an end to it.

Dude, you’re right. Actually, Trump’s right. Moreover?

Of the country’s to 20 crime-ridden cities, 18 are run by Democrat mayors; two are “non-partisan.” Moreover? You got burned out of your own condo by anarchists; you might want to sit this one out.

Cute. Lemme ask you a question.

What percentage of Portland residents who voted for you support your inaction during the 90-plus nights of burning, killing, and destroying their city’s infrastructure? Have any idea? Of course you don’t.

Even worse? You couldn’t care less if every one of them opposed your avid and vocal support of those who are doing the destroying.

Wheeler’s irrationality wasn’t lost on rational denizens of the Twittersphere, more than a few of whom picked up on his “sudden change of address,” including Stephen L. Miller — aka: @redsteeze

Washington Examiner’s T. Becket Adams was on it, as well.

Comedian and author Tim Young couldn’t resist an easy shot, either.

Jewhadi summed up Wheeler’s reality, perfectly.

This guy won the thread. In my book, anyway.

And this guy summed up the reality of the hole in which Wheeler has eagerly dug for himself and his city.

Yup, Ted — you’re in a pickle. You know what they say. Go big, or go home. In your case, it appears as if you might need to keep finding new homes, given that the very anarchists you supported for more than 90 days now have you on the run. Trump’s fault, right?

How’s it feel?

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