Sometimes the Jokes Write Themselves: GOP Mercilessly Mocks Bill Clinton for His Lecture on Oval Office Behavior

Democratic National Convention via AP
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In this image from video, former President Bill Clinton speaks during the second night of the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday, Aug. 18, 2020. (Democratic National Convention via AP)

It’s true. Sometimes things are so unintentionally funny that the jokes write themselves. Like Bill Clinton — with a straight face, no less — lecturing Donald Trump and America about what should transpire in the Oval Office and what should not. See what I mean?

During Clinton’s Tuesday night address to the Democrat National Convention, he spent a fair amount of time trashing Trump — everyone who spoke spent a fair amount of time trashing Trump —but the former president lecturing the current president about proper use of the Oval Office was gold-standard irony at its finest.

“At a time like this, the Oval Office should be a command center. Instead, it’s a storm center. There’s only chaos. Just one thing never changes — his determination to deny responsibility and shift the blame. The buck never stops there.”

Uhh… Bill?

And that “deny responsibility and shift the blame” thing? You do remember your infamous “I did not have sex with that woman— Ms. Lewinsky” denial, right? And Hillary condescendingly blaming it all on a “vast right-wing conspiracy”? None of that aged well, did it?

Daily Caller’s observation was priceless: “If there’s one man who knows what the Oval Office should be used for, it’s Bill Clinton.”


Needless to say, Clinton’s ironic lack of self-awareness in lecturing Trump about Oval Office dos and don’ts was music to the ears of Republican insiders — whose mockery just kept coming.

The Trump War Room echoed the Daily Caller tweet.

The humor wasn’t lost on former Trump deputy press secretary  J. Hogan Gidley.

Donald Jr. was also amused by the irony of Clinton’s sanctimonious lecturing of his father over his Oval Office behavior.


Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe wondered if the Democrats are just punking us with some kind of weird parody.

“The #DNCConvention is an absolute parody. Cuomo on COVID. Bill Clinton on chaos in the Oval Office. Elizabeth Warren on Native American issues. Are we being punked?”

As did National Republican Senatorial Committee senior advisor Matt Whitlock, although he thought Clinton’s comments “only seemed fitting” for the way the night was going.

Trump’s outspoken lawyer Rudy Giuliani did a short recap of the evening, wondering how the Democrats will top Tuesday on Wednesday night.


Former Wisconsin Governor and 2016 Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker busted out that iconic picture of Bill and Monica, back in their heady Oval Office days.

And this from the New York Post, in reference to its report last week that Jeffrey Epstein had an oil painting of Bill Clinton dressed in a blue dress and red high heels — lounging on a chair in the Oval Office — hanging in his Manhattan townhouse. Hanging? Too soon?

Creepy? For sure. But so was the real Oval Office blue dress, the cigar episode, and everything else associated with the whole sordid thing.

Speaking of creepy, as my Red State colleague Nick Arama reported, not only did Clinton address the convention on Tuesday, photos of the  former president receiving a back rub from one of Epstein’s accusers also surfaced, earlier in the day.

DC Examiner’s Jerry Dunleavy wrote of the images:

“The President and the Epstein victim: Bill Clinton leans back & smiles while receiving neck massage from Chauntae Davis, 22, in never-before-seen-photos during trip on pedophile’s plane to Africa in 20o2.”


Karma, or nefarious purposes meant to control at least part of the Tuesday convention news cycle? Either way, awesomeness.

The Democrat Party: the gift that keeps on giving. I know we say this a lot, these days, but you can’t make this stuff up. Better? You don’t have to. Even better? The jokes just keep writing themselves.


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