Gutless in Seattle? Cop Tells Berating Activist He Resigned: ‘I’m Leaving, You Guys Won’

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Seattle police stand on a road in the Capitol Hill Organized Protest zone early Wednesday, July 1, 2020. Police in Seattle have torn down demonstrators’ tents in the city’s so-called occupied protest zone after the mayor ordered it cleared. (AP Photo/Aron Ranen)

A Seattle police officer has had enough of the city’s endless days of rioting, if not also the behavior of Mayor Jenny Durkan, who has all but donned a cheerleader uniform and grabbed a couple of pom-poms in support of the rioters, along with the hapless Seattle City Council.

As the unidentified officer told a BLM activist who was clearly trying to escalate an exchange with him, “I’m leaving, you guys won.”

In a video that has since gone viral, the officer drives up to a protester, rolls down his window, and asks: “You having a good day, today?”, to which the activist responds: “Not really, you’re around.”

The officer actually appears pleased with the jab, as he tells the clown he has good news for him.

“I’m sorry for that. But just don’t worry man, ’cause guess what? I’m leaving. You guys won. F***ing two months, baby, and I’m out.”

“You’re about to resign?” the somewhat befuddled activist asks. “I’m f**king gone, bro,” the officer responds.

“How you feeling about that?” The protester asks. “I’m feeling great!” the officer enthusiastically replies.


After a short back-and-forth, the officer rolls up his window and begins to leave. The agitated activist turns up the heat as the cop pulls away.

“Hey, you triggered? You triggered, boy? Oink, oink. F**k you and your blue life, boy, “f**k you and your blue life.”

**Warning: strong language.**

You can hardly blame the cop. As reported by my colleague Shipwreckedcrew on Saturday, three days after Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best announced her resignation, Antifa again rioted in Seattle, with police nowhere to be found.

Ironically, the resignation of the city’s first black police chief came after the Seattle City Council caved in to Black Lives Matter, as my colleague Sister Toldjah reported earlier last week.

As Sister Toldjah noted, Best’s resignation came after the City Council voted to cut her salary and gut the police department. KTTH radio host Jason Rantz reported that the cuts will result in the layoff of 100 officers, most of whom are officers of color.


Crazy in Seattle? No doubt.

When you purposely drive away your first black female police chief by slashing her salary and gutting her department — as BLM “protests” continue, no less — what should you expect?

Exactly what the unidentified officer told the angry (white) BLM activist: “I’m leaving, you guys won.”

Nicely played, Seattle, nicely played. So what do you have up your “progressive” sleeve for your next “woke” trick?


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