Dazed & Confused: Media Reports 150 Times More Negative News on Trump Than Biden

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President Donald Trump speaks with reporters as he walks to Marine One on the South Lawn of the White House, Wednesday, July 29, 2020, in Washington. Trump is en route to Texas. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

On today’s episode of “Try to Contain Your Shock and Amazement,” a new study found the so-called “mainstream” media reports 150 times more negative news about Donald Trump than Joe Biden.

Shocked? Me, neither.

The study, conducted by Media Research Center, the results of which were released on Monday, found that from June 1 through July 31, America’s “Big Three” evening newscasts  — ABC, CBS, and NBC — spent 512 minutes of airtime on Trump; nine times more than the 58 minutes allotted to Biden.

It gets worse, as reported by NewsBusters:

The extra airtime devoted to Trump consisted almost entirely of anchors and reporters criticizing the President. During these two months, our analysts documented 668 evaluative statements about the President, 95 percent of which (634) were negative, vs. a mere five percent (34) that were positive.

Using the same methodology […] we found very few evaluative statements about Joe Biden — just a dozen, two-thirds of which (67%) were positive.

Do the math, and viewers heard 150 TIMES more negative comments about Trump than Biden. That’s not news reporting — that’s a negative advertising campaign in action.


“Negative advertising campaign in action.”

Exactly. I mean, I wouldn’t be surprised if CBS, ABC, and NBC — along with CNN and MSNBC — deduct “Trump reporting” as “in-kind contributions” on their respective corporate tax returns.

Moreover, liberal media lapdogs do their biased best to portray Biden as “moderate,” which is exactly how they’re now working feverishly to portray Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris.

The obvious 800-pound gorilla in the room? As NewsBusters wrote:

Biden’s various policy proposals — which by his own admission would take his administration farther to the Left than the very liberal Obama administration — received a meager 5 minutes, 22 seconds of airtime, not one second of which included any critical analysis from any journalist.

This video clearly demonstrates how liberal-media-labeling of Biden doesn’t comport with his so-called “progressive” views.

Let’s play Devil’s advocate. Let’s assume that, as a conservative, I’m attempting to paint as biased a picture of Biden as I can. Fair enough.

So let’s check in with self-described “Democratic Socialist” Bernie Sanders and see what he thinks about ol’ Joe and his positions.


And there it is. Bernie Sanders thinks Joe Biden would be the most progressive president since Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Meanwhile, just last week, Biden and Harris called for a “nationwide face mask mandate,” as reported by my colleague Brandon Morse.

Also last week:

Biden and Harris ran from reporters’ questions like the plague — three days in a row — which I reported. Why? Because Team Biden knows full well that when faced with tough questions from the media — as if that’s ever going to happen — Joemala will eventually slip up and reveal exactly who and what they are.

Biden perpetuated the tin-foil-hat conspiracy theory that Trump is trying to sabotage the United States Postal Service in order to steal the election, as reported by my colleague Nick Arama.

Biden tried to credit the Obama-Biden administration for the Israel/UAE peace deal brokered by the Trump administration, as reported by my colleague Bonchie.


Yet? As NewsBusters noted, no presidential candidate has ever been on the receiving end of “such a wide array of media favors.”

The bottom line:

While the kid-glove coverage of Biden tells us a lot about the “fake news” media, it tells us a helluva lot more about Biden himself.

The truth is, “Sleepy Joe’s” handlers and their sock puppets in the liberal media are scared to death Biden will screw this thing up “bigly”  before November 3 even rolls around.

That is, if they don’t manage to keep him from doing so.


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