Wait — Here’s GOOD News From Oregon: Students, Community Protect Cross On College Campus From Antifa Threats

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Demonstrators try to topple a steel fence during a Black Lives Matter protest at the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse Saturday, July 25, 2020, in Portland, Ore. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

FLYING PIGS ALERT: This just in… we have… wait… we actually have… let me make sure this is right… yes… we actually have good news just coming across our news desk from riot-torn Oregon.

A Christian college in Oregon is standing up to radical protesters.

Students at New Hope Christian College in Eugene, Oregon, are “standing up to radical protesters after they threatened to tear down a cross that has been on the campus for decades, as reported by One America News Network.

According to OAN, Antifa activists have threatened the cross, claiming it is a symbol of racism because it stands in an area where the KKK burned crosses in the 1920s. (Why do I think Antifa anarchists would deem the cross “racist” regardless of where it stood?)

Pastor Wayne Cordeiro, president of the small Christian college in Eugene — also home to the University of Oregon — told ChristianLens Online News how the students reacted upon learning about the threat.

“So, we decided we’re going to pray, we’re going to praise, we’re going to pray for the protesters. And we heard a report that a busload or two of protesters were coming down from Portland and the police turned them away, so we are very grateful for the cooperation of our law enforcement.”


ChrstianLens Online reported that emails and Facebook alerts to local “Patriots” and patriotic groups claimed Antifa was planning to come to the college to tear down the cross, leading to the security response. The road leading up to the campus was “blocked and several men, some with weapons, stood guard at the entrance.”

In addition, Christian community members arrived at the college last Friday to pray for “God’s protection over the cross and against the evil deeds of their enemy, saying nothing is possible without prayer.”

In a statement on its Facebook page, the university condemned “racial and judicial discrimination, but also said the cross, which was built on the campus in 1964, is in no way related to the KKK and its beliefs, regardless of the area’s past. The post reads, in part:

As a private Christian college, we stand with our community in condemning racial and judicial discrimination. We value our community deeply, and therefore we want to take this opportunity to share the story of this cross in order to bring clarity and understanding.

1. The history of the cross and how it came to reside on our campus has been well documented over the years, and there is no evidence to suggest our cross has direct roots to racism other than it once resided on Skinner Butte, the same location where racist events were held in the 1920s. People referring to our cross as the “KKK” cross is false.

2. From 1934-1964, wooden crosses were displayed on Skinner Butte; these crosses were not associated with the racist activities of the 1920s but simply powerful symbols of hope set high above the City of Eugene.

3. The cross was designed as a goodwill gesture out of concrete and steel to replace the wooden crosses that would deteriorate with Oregon weather on Skinner Butte. The 51ft cement cross was erected in November 1964, over forty years after the racial demonstrations on Skinner Butte, (See The Register-Guard, November 29, 1964.)

4. Voted on by Eugene residents in 1970 and approved by a wide margin, the cross was dedicated as a memorial to war veterans of the United States. (See The Register-Guard, December 14, 1986.)

5. The cross was relocated to Eugene Bible College (now New Hope Christian College) in 1997 due to a 9th Circuit ruling that stated that the cross is a religious symbol and must be removed from public property; its then location was a violation of the Establishment Clause in the 1st Amendment. […]

[…] It is our hope that what has recently led all of us to look closely at the history of the cross at New Hope, could draw our community together and continue honest conversations that further promote unity within our city.

If you would like more information, please contact us at [email protected]

New Hope Christian College is a private campus available to staff, students, and on-campus residents only.


Meanwhile, in Portland on Tuesday, the evening’s festivities included various “peaceful”activities, as reported by RedState’s Bonchie.

Fire has been a big thing throughout the anarchists’ now 67 nights of rioting. Besides, what rioter doesn’t love a dumpster on fire in the middle of the street, or placing flaming cardboard against a building? Adds to the ambience, you know.

And what “peaceful” protest would be complete without trying to break into a police station?

Then of course, slashing tires is always a popular activity during “peaceful” protests — followed by chasing the driver down and smashing up his vehicle.


And on it went. Still, at least at a small Christian College in Eugene, the good guys have prevailed. For now, at least.


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