Black Trump Supporter Calls Out Biden’s Racist Comments and CNN’s Alysin Camerota Is NOT Having It

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CNN Builds Wall

On today’s episode of “The Most Trusted Name in News,” CNN’s New Day hosts Alysin Camerota and John Berman were downright giddy on Wednesday, as they wallowed in what they perceived to be increased support for Joe Biden — from ex-Trump voters.


Camerota, whose previous stint was with Fox News (imagine that), interviewed three Trump supporters and three alleged former Trump supporters who now say they’ll dump Trump in favor of Biden.

CNN being CNN and Camerota being Camerota, the co-host was all over the Trump supporters, while encouraging the ex-Trump voters to not only bash Trump, but also to shill for Biden.

Camerota kicked off the festivities by exhorting the former Trump supporters to blame the president for their family members — or anyone —contracting COVID-19 — and dying from the virus.

(See: “Rahm Emanuel,” “Never allow a good crisis to go to waste.”)

Show of hands, have you had a friend or love one or know someone who got very sick with COVID and/or died? So three of you. Tommy, tell us what you think about President Trump’s response to coronavirus.

As Camerota continued to berate the Trump supporters over the Wuhan virus — one of whom said it wasn’t worth the economy being shut down — she tried to play gotcha with one of the three after he pointed out Biden’s long history of making racist comments.

Trump-backer Bryant Felder:

“We’re talking about Joe Biden right now. Joe Biden is the same one who said he didn’t want his kids growing up in a racial jungle. We’re talking about Joe Biden, who said, you can’t go to a 7-Eleven unless you have a slight Indian accent.

You’re talking about Joe Biden who has a history of aligning himself with Robert Byrd who’s an actual former grand wizard of the KKK. So when you call him a decent man, that’s actually a slap in the face to any minority thinking person.”


Ouch, Alysin. But Camerota wasn’t having it, busting out Trump’s then-controversial comment about participants in the 2017 KKK rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, at which three people were killed.

“What about ‘There are good people on both sides’ at a KKK rally in Charlottesville? Why doesn’t that one bother you as much?”

Felder fended off Camerota’s attempt like a champ.

“When President Trump said ‘there are good people on both sides’ what he meant by that is there are obviously going to be extremists on both sides of the aisle. Nothing is more evidenced to that than what we’ve seen recently with far-left people and far-right people.

I think my support for him has strengthened when he was ready to call out the rioters out with the protesters with BLM right now. We’re seeing right now an opportunity a lot of people are taking to exercise their displeasure with people in the 2016 election. They did not let that go….”

As the ridiculous display of faux journalism continued, Camerota struck pay dirt with former Trump supporter Tommy Stallings, milking it for all it was worth.

Stallings suggested that more conservatives would support Biden if they knew more about him.


“I don’t think a lot of conservatives or Republicans know Joe Biden that well. He was the head of the judiciary committee when Clarence Thomas was confirmed for the Supreme Court. Of all of the Democrats that are running, Joe Biden is center of left more than anyone else.”

Camerota could barely contain herself: “So are you saying, Tommy, that you are getting comfortable with voting for Joe Biden?”

Stallings delivered: “I am, absolutely. He’s a decent man. He’s an honorable statesman. He has a life story…”

As the segment ended, the co-host’s glee over comments from the former Trump voters couldn’t have been more obvious.

“Now you’re starting to hear I think for the first time that same level of passion from the people who voted for him in 2016 but now regret it.”

And so it goes at CNN. Again, “The Most Trusted Name in News.” It’s beyond time to add “by the Democrat Party” to that claim. Or maybe, “Official Mouthpiece of the Democrat Party.”

As for Biden, he ventured out of his basement on Tuesday to hold his first press conference in 28 days. Yeah, it went as one might expect.


Setting aside Biden forgetting where the presser was being held, he only took questions from a pre-approved list of reporters he took from his pocket. The list, I mean. The reporters remain firmly stashed in Joe’s hip pocket. Right next to Alysin Camerota.


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