Crazytown, USA: Columbus, OH Pulls Down Statue of… Wait for It… Christopher Columbus

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Two activists climb on top of the 60-meter (197-feet) monument Christopher Columbus tower after placing a vest with the words “Open Arms” on the statue in Barcelona, Spain, Wednesday, June 4, 2018. Activists in Barcelona have dressed in an orange life-vest a statue of 15th-century explorer Christopher Columbus to turn attention to the loss of life of migrants and refugees in the Mediterranean Sea. (AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti)

Have we finally reached the pinnacle of Crazytown, USA? The question is rhetorical — of course we haven’t. But we’re well on our way.

A statue of Christopher Columbus was taken down in Columbus, Ohio.

Think about that statement.

What kind of CRAZY is going on, people? Is the name of this proud Midwestern city next on the chopping block? Of course it is. At least those who cheered the removable of the statue will try to make it so.

The statue was taken down in Columbus on Wednesday morning. Crews arrived around 3 a.m. with a crane to remove the bronze statue from its pedestal outside Columbus City Hall.

As reported by WBNS in Columbus, the statue, which will be placed for safekeeping in a city facility, was a gift to the city from the people of Genoa, Italy, in 1955.

New name? How about Antifaville, People’s Republic of Anarchy?

Sarcasm, of course. I have relatives in Columbus who are beside themselves over the removal of Chris from his perch outside City Hall.

Columbus residents were given a heads-up last month by Mayor Andrew Ginther, who said the statue would be coming down because it doesn’t represent the city’s values, news station WSYX reported.


Ginther justified the removable of the statue this way:

For many people in our community, the statue represents patriarchy, oppression, and divisiveness. That does not represent our great city, and we will no longer live in the shadow of our ugly past. Now is the right time to replace this statue with artwork that demonstrates our enduring fight to end racism and celebrate the themes of diversity and inclusion.

Again, Crazytown, USA.

Replacing a historical statue with artwork is a panacea for all that ails Columbus, Ohio?  How is artwork going to “end racism and celebrate the themes of diversity and inclusion” among the residents of Columbus?

Is the mayor also going to buy Columbus residents a Coke and teach them to sing in perfect harmony?

Incidentally, having spent a considerable amount of time in Columbus, I’m not sure what “ugly past” he’s talking about. Oh — wait —the mayor is simply running with the narrative of today’s reality. Never mind.

Needless to say, more than a few Ohioans and others were outraged by the removal of the Columbus statue, with some calling on Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine to intervene, which obviously didn’t happen.


Most were just ticked off.

Steve “foolishly” [sarc] suggested that history be considered.


Dennis thinks the “inmates of the asylum” need professional help.

Ah, a new name. Almost forgot about that. Twitter has ideas.

All things considered, this guy won the thread.

Let’s revisit Mayor Ginther and his announcement, last month.

Ginther suggested that he might not stop at the removal of Christopher Columbus, saying he had asked the Columbus Art Commission to evaluate the diversity and inclusiveness of all public art, including other monuments, statues and art installations.


First statues. Then books. Then artwork, movies, literary work, and more. Until history is finally erased. Then what? What comes after the Left destroys everything it opposes? What comes after those who were silenced are too afraid to ever speak up again?

George Santayana said it best:

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

Hyperbolic overreaction to the removal of an “outdated” statue?

Hardly. Leftists are like spoiled children; they’re never satisfied. Give them “this,” they want “that,” next. Give them an inch, they’ll take a mile. Until they achieve their ultimate goal: the destruction of America as we know it. Then what? What would they replace it with?

Only God knows what comes after that.


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