Opie Thinks Voters Who Don't Vote Should Be Fined — Twitter Has Thoughts

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I’ve often said that anything Democrats support, oppose, defend, attack, push, or obstruct can be connected to the ballot box with no more than two dots. In Opie Taylor’s case, he’s got it down to one.

Opie — AKA: filmmaker Ron Howard — believes that every American eligible to vote — in local, state, and national elections — should do so without fail — or face fines as a consequence.

Howard shared his thoughts on Twitter in response to various tweets in support of the Democrats’ latest cause célèbre — nationwide voting by mail — including a tweet from House Majority Whip James Clyburn.

Being the good Democrat he is, Howard not only supports the “so logical” vote-by-mail campaign, he wishes (Democrat) voters who don’t vote would be forced to cough up some money as a consequence.

Needless to say, not everyone on Twitter agrees with Opie’s proposed fines. Politibunny had a simple, five-word question:

Razor went with a more logical tweet, suggesting that if the right to vote were to be mandated by fines, perhaps the bearing of arms, guaranteed by the Second Amendment, should also be mandated.


Ace asked what should happen to non-voters who fail to pay the fines.

Some suggested Opie’s proposal was an attack on free speech.

Finally, Tim got to the crux of the whole thing.

And there it is. Exactly why Opie and the Democrats are so enamored by the vote-by-mail campaign. They believe that a nationwide vote-by-mail system would benefit Democrats candidates; that a greater number of Democrats would vote by mail than would otherwise vote.

So why the strong push right now?

Because good Democrats always heed the words of Rahm Emanuel, erstwhile mayor of Chicago and Barack Obama’s former chief of staff, every chance they get — or take: “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”


So what better time than now?

First the Wuhan virus, now the never-ending unrest in the wake of George Floyd’s death. As we reported in April, Obama took the opportunity to exploit the virus by pushing for nationwide vote-by-mail, as well. Opie simply upped the ante.

As I said, earlier, everything the Democrats support or oppose can be connected to the ballot box with no more than two dots.

If pollsters determined that illegal aliens would overwhelmingly vote Republican if they ultimately became citizens and were given the vote, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the entire Democrat Party would lock arms and form a human chain stretching from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico in an effort to keep them out of the country.

It’s a safe bet that Opie would be right there with them.


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