Former Obama Advisor: Trump's Decision on Syria, "Absolutely the Right Thing"

As the world reacts to the U.S. Military strikes in Syria last night, it’s becoming clear that across party lines, many believe Donald Trump made the right decision.


Tony Blinken, Former Deputy National Security Advisor to the Obama Administration, said on CNN last night that President Trump did “absolutely the right thing”, while noting this is just one step in a complicated process. He expresses what many are feeling after seeing the horrific images out of Syria after the sarin gas attack. Assad used chemical weapons his own people. It could not “stand without impunity”.


Another interesting note from the discussion, Wolf Blitzer references the Tomahawk missile strike in Libya in 2011. The weapon may have been the same, however this strike feels less politically motivated, as it appears to be in direct response to the sarin gas attacks.

The extended version of the interview which aired live on CNN included a mention of the 2013 Chemical Weapons Convention, which Syria is in violation of with the possession and use of Sarin. Blinken also does some quick spinning as he claims that Obama’s “red line” worked in preventing Syria from using chemical weapons. (until it didn’t)


The White House may point to this agreement or to the Geneva Convention as rationale for not requiring congressional approval.

The Trump Administration could argue they would themselves be in violation if they did not retaliate against Assad’s sarin attack.

If there is a strategy to involve further attacks, congress will require authorization. At this time it is uncertain if this was a one off or the beginning of a larger campaign.


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