CNN's Van Jones: Trump Should Give Susan Rice Presidential Medal of Freedom

Van Jones, CNN host and former member of the Obama Administration, has a solution for Susan Rice. The woman responsible for the “unmasking” Trump transition officials, should be given the President Medal of Freedom, Jones told the audience of his show, The Messy Truth on Wednesday.


“She got very disturbing information, and she looked into it. And as best we can tell, she did her job inside the proper channels, for doing this, Donald Trump should give Susan Rice the Presidential Medal of Freedom, OK?”


While some are questioning the legality of Rice’s actions, Jones has already decided that she was “just doing her job”, and for that he apparently thinks she deserves the highest civilian award in the country. Seriously.

“Susan Rice was our national security adviser. To give good advice, you gotta ask good questions! Especially when fishy looking stuff lands on your desk, OK? Now, finding out for yourself the names of sketchy people, doing possibly sketchy things is called unmasking, OK? Now that doesn’t mean revealing it to the whole world–that would be illegal. It does mean revealing those names to yourself, at your desk, so you can do a better job advising the president. As best we can tell, that’s all she did: her job.”

Van Jones goes on to compare Susan Rice to James Comey suggesting that if she were a bad person, she would have released the names and information during the election.


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